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Monday, April 14, 2014

... of late blog posting, here is a photographic run-down of our trip to Brisbane. A month ago. Oops.

Waiting at Mount Isa airport

Fun in the park with Poppy

Cuddles with Nanna

Bottle rockets and flying a kite with Gran and Grumpy

Fly fishing practice with Grumpy

Super fancy High Tea for Nan's 80th

So many more memories without photos, but always in our hearts. Our next trip to Brisbane is a mere month away, and already I'm excited :-)

Racing around

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I've been a bit slow with blogging about stuff as it happens, so here's a post about what we got up to 2 weekends ago. Hubs and I have been whinging a little that there's nothing much to do up here, so when opportunities get presented to us, we really try and take advantage. So when we heard that the races were on, we thought we'd go along and check it out. They started around 2pm on the Saturday, so after Quindy had her nap, we all got dolled up and hit the tracks.

Isn't it fun trying to get your 3 year old to pose for a nice family photo?

We had NO idea what to expect - how big it was going to be, how much it would cost, what the place was actually like - so we just went in head first and hoped for the best. We knew there were going to be a few doctors there that Hubs works with, and a few of the mums I've met through playgroup were heading in too, so we would at least know a few people.

By our standards (we had only really ever been to the Wang races on Melbourne Cup Day) it was quite small, but that suited us just fine. Quinn was happy to wander around looking cute:

And Chance still had a bit of a cold, so he was happy just to chill out and watch movies on my phone:

We're really glad we went along and had a great time meeting new people and spending time with new friends. Speaking of which, Hubs met the friend of one of the doctors he works with and he mentioned a group of his friends were going 4WDriving the next day, and that we would be most welcome to come along. So in the spirit of taking people up on their offers to do things, we said yes!

We met the group around 10am Sunday morning and after a little rendesvous, we put the kids in the car...

and headed off! (ha ha.)

We headed north about 40km before we turned off onto the track. It was a pretty tame drive, but there were a few squeals of excitement/fear from me at a couple of creek (dry) crossings.

There were 6 cars in the convoy and a lovely bunch of people emerged at the swimming hole we arrived at:

Unfortunately our friend hadn't mentioned to bring togs, so Hubs just jumped in with his clothes, and the kids had spare clothes so they went in too. It was so lovely. I was very sad I hadn't brought my togs :-( Next time! It was a really lovely few hours and we hope to head out with the group again sometime soon.

We arrived home to unpack, change, and head out to a friend's place for a BBQ. So yeah, a very big weekend for us! The following weekend, Hubs had to work, so this is his first full weekend with no plans for some time. We are thinking about heading out to Lake Julius tomorrow just to check it out, but no firm plans at this stage. The weather is finally a little more bearable today (only getting up to 32 today! Woo!) so a trip to the park might be nice too.

We're trying to make the most of it, and slowly getting there.


Friday, April 4, 2014

On one of our trips to the park while we were staying at Woody Point. So much fun.

Peacock Park

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is one of the options we have for BBQ time in Mount Isa. Peacock Park as it is affectionately known, is at Lake Moondarra, nestled behind the spillway. So you don't actually have a view of the lake, but the surroundings are quite lovely. It's very shady and even though there are BBQs there, we always bring our own.

There is a half-decent playground there, but no swings unfortunately. And it's always green which is a bonus in these here parts of Australia.

A nice place for a BBQ and catch up with friends. I'm sure it will be even nicer once it's not so damn hot...

Leaving "home" to come "home"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hubs and I left Brisbane and moved to Melbourne in June 2008, just before I started this blog actually. Every place we lived in from then on, I seemed to prefer to Brisbane. Melbourne had amazing coffee and beautiful food, the public transport was incredible, and Hubs and I were newlyweds living in an exciting town, exploring it together. Wangaratta was a nice change of pace and it was where our little Chanbe was born. Mount Beauty was, well absolutely beautiful, and we met some lovely people there.

In the time we lived in Victoria, whenever we visited Brisbane, I always complained about how bad the traffic was getting, and I was generally excited to get back "home" (ie wherever we were living at the time).

I wrestled with so many emotions during my trip to Brisbane in the last fortnight. It brought up feelings in me that I hadn't felt about the city in a long time. I was homesick for my hometown. I miss my friends who have made so much effort in the last six years to keep in touch and to catch up when I'm in town. And my family. I miss my family so much.

I miss the city I grew up in.

As I was driving to West End on the second day of my trip to meet up with a friend for some yoga (and wine) (together!) (Best. Yoga. Ever!!) I went through the northern suburbs where I attended church and youth group, and later became a youth group leader; I passed friends houses I used to drive to for Melrose nights back in the 90s; I drove the familiar route from Aspley to Kelvin Grove, and reminisced about all I had been through in those streets and suburbs. I drove past my old primary school, high school and uni (all in the same block) and through the city where many a fun night was had with my gal pals.

I had come home. And it hurt that it was only going to be for a short time.

Of course my home is where my Hubs and family are, but I just wish that physical place was Brisbane at the moment. I've kind of touched on how I'm finding it a bit tough up here, but it runs much deeper than that. I know it's early days, and things might turn around, but Hubs and I are wondering if we made the right choice moving out here. Hubs has had a few disappointments at work which has taken away from his enjoyment of the job, and I am really struggling in our very small house with no yard. And there's really not much to do here with the kids in the afternoons. It's a question of "do we go to the lake, to the family fun park, or the pool?"

And it's so hot. So so so hot.

Hubs and I are already talking about where we want to move to next year and the list just keeps growing! So far we have discussed Cairns, Perth, Broome, Melbourne, Ingham, Brisbane, Bundaberg and even South Africa! Hubs and I have come to the realisation that the "place" we move to isn't going to make us happy, instead it's our attitude and feelings towards our life that will determine our happiness. We know we have to stop looking outwards at things and places for happiness, and start looking within. Which means regardless of how we feel about being in Mount Isa, we can be happy here too.

It just might take a bit more effort than we thought. Now. It's Sunday afternoon. We went to the lake this morning, and the pool is closed, so it looks like it's off to the family fun park!

A final farewell

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today was a happy sad day. We scattered Nanny's ashes out in the bay today, and said our final goodbyes. It's been over 2 years since Nanny passed away, and it was nice to fulfill her wish for her ashes to be scattered in the waters where she used to go fishing. Chanbe came along for the ride and although he wasn't quite sure about the boat trip to begin with, he soon relaxed and had a nice time.


We also had a dozen long stem roses that we placed in the water.

It was a really nice way to say a final farewell to a remarkable lady.

10 more things you may not know about Wifey

Monday, March 10, 2014

Here's the first 10 things you may not have known.

And here's the next 10:

1. I love licorice. Almost as much as I love chocolate. That stuff is black gold. Oh, and don't even get me started on bullets. Oh baby yeah.

2. I get nervous every time Daddy Pig parks his car on such a steep hill. (Scroll half way down this page)

3. Volume controls with numerical values have to be set on either a prime number or a number divisible by 3. Yeah. That's a good one...

4. I distinctly remember being embarrassed by my Mum's cloth/net shopping bags when I was growing up. Now I'm embarrassed when I forget mine and have to use plastic!

5. The body part I get most complimented on is my skin.

6. When a grocery item is half price, I have to buy 2. Or 4.

7. I would love to spend a weekend in a kitchen with Maggie Beer. Cool name, awesome cook. (May I please have one of her cookbooks? Or you know, all of them?)

8. When we were growing up, my Dad would always want to drive past our old house that was our first "family home" when we were in the area. My brother and I would give an obligatory groan, but I secretly loved it every time. I'm such a sentimental fool.

9. It annoys me in movies/TV shows when someone in a bar orders a drink and then leaves after 1 sip.

10. I like crunchy peanut butter, not smooth.

"I do not like this one so well...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

"all she does is YELL YELL YELL!!!" (adapted from one of our favourite Dr Seuss Books)

I've been yelling a lot lately. Which is sad, as I had made a conscious effort to not yell at Chanbe, (#27) and it had become a good habit. But then we all got sick. And tired. And I injured myself (again!) And things just went downhill from there.

I don't like it when people misuse the word "literally", like when they say "I literally died with fright" or "I literally had no sleep last night". Well I literally had about 3 and a half hours sleep last night. I'm not sure how I'm functioning right now, but I actually haven't even done any yelling today. We're all tired. Quinn's asleep (she was the culprit who kept me awake "all night") and Chance is watching Peppa Pig. Do you know how much Peppa Pig that boy can watch? I don't. Because he hasn't reached saturation yet. But I can tell you, it's a lot.

And I'm cooking when I really should be packing and getting organised for our flight to Brisbane on Tuesday morning. But I like cooking and it's making me happy so I'm going to keep going with that. Because in 2 days time, I can collapse in a heap and sleep. I just have to "get through" this afternoon and tomorrow without losing the plot, and then I have a week of relaxing and catching up with family and friends. It's going to be sooooooo goooooood....

I'm labeling this one under "Happiness" as I'm finding joy on a challenging day. And that in itself makes me happy.