Mmmm.... parma....

Monday, August 11, 2008

What? You mean to tell me you don't know what a parma is? Well, OBVIOUSLY you're not from Victoria then! When I first heard the phrase "parma night" I thought to myself "wow! Victorians sure like their cheese!" But after the initial mix up, I learnt what a Parma REALLY is!

It's a CHICKEN PARMIGIANA! Basically, a slab of chicken, topped with bacon or ham or salami (i.e. pig) and cheese and herbs. Sounds healthy, I know!

My work colleague invited me to a parma night with a friend of hers and we went to a place called The Aviary which is around the Richmond area, not too far from where we live. They have been scoping out parmas for some time now and have decided this one was the best by far. If you go on their actual "parma night" you get your parma, chips and salad on a bread board, AND a glass of wine all for just $16. I thought it was just a pub we were going to, and getting pub grub. But no. It was all just lovely.

So if anyone comes to visit us on a Thursday night, rest assured we'll be having a parma night!

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