Friday, May 1, 2009

Mum came down for a visit last weekend and we had a de-lightful time! We left Hubs at home to study (aka do all the things he's not "allowed" to do when Wifey is home like read recreationally and watch scary movies!) and took a road trip out to Stratford to visit some rellies. We had a lovely evening with them and a couple of their friends drinking wine, eating a roast and drinking more wine! We then filled up on a BIG Breakfast (they know how to do a proper Big Brekky in the country!) Sunday morning and headed back to Melbourne town, passing through the "Sale Gale"! Fun!

We then treated Mum to a service at Newman College Chapel where the choir were in fine form, as per usual. Monday we went off to the movies and saw Milk which was a really great movie - 4 stars out of 5 for sure. Before that, however, we visited Kokoblack, the inspiration for the title of this post. Definitely 4.5 stars out of 5! It was a real treat!

Hubs opted for the Chocolate ice cream Martini:

And Mum and I had the Belgian Spoil for Two with 2 hot chocolates and a taste of a whole lotta yummy stuff!!

I was impressed by the presentation and the service, and quite impressed with the prices as well. I mean, it wasn't super-cheap, but it was different and delicious, and considering you can pay (and I have paid) $5.50 for a fancy hot-chocolate in chocolaterias, I thought $22 for 2 awesome hot chocolates, and small servings of chocolate cake, 2 belgian chocolates, shortbread, chocolate ice cream and chocolate mousse was okay by me.

What's that? You'd like me to take you to Kokoblack next time you're in town? Oh, okay then!

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    Oh! Oh! Oh! I remember that place!
    I seem to remember I recommended it to you before you left. What a good friend I am.


    Thanks for the recommendation! Perhaps it was still in my subconscious somewhere (amongst all the cobwebs)! There were so many places recommended to us before we got here, we're still working our way through them all!


    Wow! You tasted so much - and I'm SO going back there now! We/I did a quick reconnaisance mission on the brief time we/I had in Melbourne last month. It certainly rated well then and I just tasted a chocolate! I agree totally, great price for such a great quality choccie!


    Yes, you should definitely try the spoiler. It really was lovely, and something nice to share (or you can get your own for $12!!) I'm SO going back there!!