Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hubs: "Honey, I need you to make me a pie for my tutorial tomorrow morning."
Wifey: "Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. And why would that be."
Hubs: (shuffling around in some uni notes, holds up tutorial paper) "Cos tomorrow's tutorial is number 3.14!"

Far be it for Wifey to get in the way of a good nerd joke.

So I spent the day considering my options, and decided on this Pumpkin Pie recipe (from my fave food-blog!). Why? Cos I've never made a pumpkin pie before and it sounded FUN! I cheated and bought pre-made short-crust pastry, but made everything else from scratch. It was LOTS of fun, and the finished product? Pi-tastic!

Oh yes. There's a Pi symbol on top!

Clearly, I'm in the running for Wifey of the year.

I sent it off with Hubs to his tutorial and it went down a treat! A Canadian girl said it made her day! Hubs saved me a piece that I shared around at the office and it really was SO yummy. I have enough ingredients to make another one, which I'm already excited about!

I wonder what my next cooking adventure will be...

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