The heat is on

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No, I'm not referring to Glenn Frey's awesome hit from the 80s, I'm referring to summer in Brisbane. You see, living in Melbourne, I forget what summer is like up here. When in Melbourne, I am in regular contact with a good friend of mine and she often tells me "it's hot" and I think "it can't be THAT bad". And then I come to visit and remember. It so totally completely IS that bad. And this is why:

- I am a naturally sweaty person. Need I say more? 
- a cold shower still means warm water
- it's too hot to sleep
- I sweat a lot
- parking in the shade is more important than anything else. Anything.
- I can't wear make up (not such a bad thing)
- did I mention the sweat??

I love Brisbane. I really do. But I gotta say, I don't miss the summers up here. I'm just going to go and stand in front of the fan for a while now...

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    Yes, yes and double yes. High five sweaty-sister.


    I don't like to put Melbourne and Brisbane against each other, head to head, cos they both have their own individual charm, but I gotta say, Melbourne wins in the "bearable summer" stakes. Winter, however, is most certainly won by Brisbane...