The cliche continues

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Wow I can't believe how big he is!"
"He's just growing so fast!"
"I remember when he was a newborn and how small he was."
"Those chubby thighs are so adorable!"
"I can't remember my life without him."

Yes, I'm afraid I have muttered all of these phrases over the last couple of weeks. I can't help it! It's all true! He's even grown out of the newborn Huggies nappies and we've had to buy the 6-11kg ones that are for toddlers!* Crazy!

In other news, Chance had his first trip to Bunnings today! (See how he's looking for Hubs!?)

In the end it all got too much for him (and me).

I'm sure he'll be back again with Hubs some time soon though! We have a working bee planned for tomorrow at Hubs' Mum's place and we're REALLY hoping for a break from the rain! Fingers crossed!!!

*We only use disposables when we get lazy/when we run out of cloth nappies/ when the cloth nappies aren't dry.

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    He still looks tiny to me! Very long though, William is almost 2 and still very, very short. I think Chance will outgrow him in a few months. Downfalls of having short parents (sorry son!)