Easy does it

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm so tired. I don't think I've been this tired since when Chance was born and the few weeks that followed. We have had such a good run with him - he's such a laid back, cruisey baby - but the last few nights have seen him get up every hour or two. And last night he stayed awake between 2:30-4:30am. He rolls over in his cot and then gets stuck (he can't roll back) and so I have to get up and roll him back. This went on and on last night.

3 weeks ago, I ordered a copy of "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" as recommended by a few friends. It still hasn't arrived. Turns out the person sending it is on holidays and it won't be here til next week. I wish I'd known that while ordering - I would have bought it elsewhere.

I really shouldn't complain. He really is such a happy, healthy baby, and we're loving this time of his life. People say "this too shall pass" and even though I know that to be true, when you're right in the middle of it, it feels like it's going to last forever. I feel like I can't even put a sentence together when I'm out with friends. And even though I should go to bed now, I'll just be waiting for the next wake-up call. Okay. I've got the stares now. I'd better hit the sack. I'm going to start him on solids as of tomorrow, to see if that makes a difference. The time has come.

Please God, let Chance sleep better tonight.

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