Back to "normal"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ha! As if my life resembles any type of normality!

Mum and Dad left 2 hours ago, and in that time I've had to do things I haven't done in 2 weeks, like get up before 10am, do the washing up, put Chanbe to sleep, get the washing in...

Now don't judge. I'm not entirely lazy or useless, except when my Mum is around. I think since I've had Chanbe, whenever Mum is around I digress back into being the child (not "a" child :-)), wanting to be looked after. And Mum and Dad do that so well! Since they arrived, they have been doing pretty much everything around the house - cooking, washing, cleaning up, getting up to Chance in the morning, feeding him his meals, changing nappies, putting him down for naps etc etc.

I don't just sit around taking advantage of their generosity, obviously, but I certainly have time to rest that I don't normally have. And they insist! I guess I get a taste of what it's like to have family around when you're raising a family, and it's nice. Really nice. I have been feeling like my old self again - rested, relaxed, not so stressed.

It was hard to say goodbye this morning, especially seeing the look on Chance's face when his Gran and Grumpy drove away, but we'll be in Brisbane in 3 weeks so that's something to look forward to.

I really do hope that we settle down one day close to family and friends.

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