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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We have been on holidays for 10 days, and today was the first full day of sunshine we have had. And now it's raining. Again. It has rained every day since we left home, but that is not getting us down. The thing that is getting us (me) down a little is the cold I (we) have. I haven't had a "proper" cold since before I was pregnant with Chanbe, and I had honestly forgotten how miserable a cold can make you feel, and for how long! To make matters worse, I have somehow caught a "man cold". Seriously. It's that bad. Thankfully I have a very patient Hubsband who can tune out my doesn't mind me whinging. Hubs hasn't been feeling 100% and my poor little Chanbe has been sick too which makes me very sad when I hear him cough. But I believe we're on the mend now, finally, after a week of feeling pretty ordinary.

So, back to the trip! We've seen some Apostles:

We've had some sleepy time in the car:

Some fish, chips and very large burgers in a seaside town:

Some (lots of) very crappy weather:

And we've had lots of lovely times with our family and friends down here, and those we caught up with along the way. We headed to Hahndorf today and McLaren Vale is on the agenda for tomorrow, so still lots to do and not too much time to do it all! But we'll get there. We've had a few low-key days, to try and recover from this damn cold, so that has actually given us a bit of a holiday. I just hope the colds are all gone by early next week when I fly to Brisbane and Hubs starts his 5 weeks at the Royal Womens in Melbourne!

Lots more photos (taken on our camera, not just my phone) to share so stay tuned.

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