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Friday, August 17, 2012

(I've been meaning to type this post for a couple of weeks!)

When Hubs was visiting us from Melbourne, we took the opportunity to go out to dinner. Just the 2 of us. Being around the Redcliffe area, we weren't exactly spoiled for choice with places to dine on a Thursday night, so I jumped on to Google to see what I could see. Ahem. Not much. Then I mentioned the "R" word.


Hubs was suddenly a man possessed. It had to be ribs. And what restaurant was the most likely source of ribs? Hogs Breath Cafe. We weren't overly enthused to be honest - it wasn't really my idea of a romantic night out! But without any great alternatives, Hogs is had to be.

We arrived and were seated outside in a little, ah hell, let's call it "romantic" corner, and a few minutes later our drinks order was taken. We weren't ready to order yet so our waitress said she'd be back soon. Our drinks were brought out by a different waitress who promptly left us, so we just sat and drank and chatted for a while. After a little while, I said to Hubs "I think they've forgotten about us."

This triggered a series of "events" that really showed me that a) I need to relax and not be so concerned about time and what "should" be happening, and b) how different Hubs and I are when it comes to time and what "should" be happening. Hubs just kept saying "what's the rush? Do you have to be somewhere? Am I not interesting enough for you? They haven't forgotten about us. They'll be here." to which I replied "I'm not in a rush, I'm just saying, they've forgotten about us!" This went on for a while, and I said to Hubs that all I wanted was acknowledgement that they'd forgotten about us, and I'd relax. We made a deal that if the next table, who had arrived after us, got their food, I got to wave down a different waitress (ours was nowhere to be seen!)

Sure enough, 40 minutes later, we had not ordered so I was allowed to flag someone down. Turns out they had forgotten about us, and because of that, we got dessert on the house! So even though I was right, Hubs was also right about me not needing to be in a hurry all the time, and sometimes things don't go the way I plan, but they work out okay in the end - free profiteroles!

Oh, and the ribs were really disappointing!!

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