10 things you may not know about Wifey

Sunday, October 7, 2012

1. I take my seatbelt off when I'm reversing the car

2. I subconsciously count things in my head all day long (steps, words, whatever)

3. I can't keep my own secrets

4. I'm not as organised as everyone thinks I am (maybe I should keep that a secret!)

5. I do not keep a particularly tidy or ordered house - this is a big thing for me that I really want to work on in our new house next year

6. I seek out reverse parallel parks - I freakin' love them (and am totally awesome at them. Seatbelt off.)

7. I feel guilty every time I drop Chanbe off at childcare

8. I don't put sugar in my tea or coffee (hey, they can't all be winners!)

9. When I was a kid (and up until I was 19) I wanted to be either a childcare worker or a teacher. (So glad that didn't happen - I think I would make a terrible teacher)

10. I eat my dinner fast because I don't like it to get cold. I hate eating cold food.

Nothing earth-shattering, but maybe you know more about me today than you did yesterday :-)

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