They were right!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who'da thunk it? All those people, upon hearing about our move to Townsville, who told us that it's hot up here, were right on the money! Incredible! Although it has been over 30 degrees every day, and not much under each night, we've only cranked the aircon twice, to cool Chanbe's room down - a fact that makes me feel just a little self-righteous!

So yes we are here. Chanbe and I flew in last Saturday morning, Hubs and Uncle Benny arrived late Sunday night, and we all rendezvoused at the house Monday morning. After a solid 4 days of working on the kombi, (actually, 2 kombis), the boys took off with the 2 cars on Saturday afternoon, but the kombi only made it to Gympie before it, for want of a better phrase, shat itself. It is a very long, drawn out story that I just can't go in to at the moment, but the bottom line is, it will arrive on the back of a tow truck around the 16th of Jan. And after that? Well, who knows!?

On a brighter note, the house is great - nice and big, enough room for everything, a great cross breeze, good outdoor areas, and a nice kitchen. The only downsides are that it doesn't have a bath or a dishwasher. But we have decided the dishwasher can live in the laundry which is just off the kitchen. (Hubs' response to that: "honey, you don't have to live in the laundry!" Har har.)

We are in flat-pack avoidance at the moment - there are 5 things to put together and we're all just hoping the flat-pack fairy visits one night this week. As well as the unpack fairy. Oh, and the "better get ready to have a baby" fairy. And a meal preparation fairy would be welcomed too...

So in short, all is well. It's hot, there is a lot of unpacking to do, and I'm not exactly full of energy, but somewhere deep down, somehow, I know it will all work out - it always does :-)

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