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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quinn's birth story. (G Rated. Mostly :-) )

It all started Friday lunch time, when I wasn't feeling so great, so I took myself off to the hospital to get checked out. Before I knew it, they were telling me I was having the baby that night. They wanted to induce me asap because of suspect blood results (that turned out to be probably nothing!) It was 2pm by this stage, and everything was happening very quickly. Frith, who was due to finish work that day around 4pm, came over to the birth suite and we realised that this was "it". Funnily enough, even though I was over 40 weeks, I didn't feel prepared! 

The doctors tried to break my waters, and even though they weren't entirely successful, it was enough to get me started. I was having contractions without the syntocinon drip (the fake hormone stuff they give you to induce labour) but it wasn't good enough for the doctors to be happy, so once Frith arrived after 4, they started the drip. Because I was induced with Chance as well, I knew what was coming, so by 5pm I asked for the eipdural and the anaesthetist arrived around 6pm. At 6:30pm, with Colin Hay's song "Overkill" playing in the background, the epidural was put in and relief was on the way. Or so I thought. Although it took away a lot of the pain, it wasn't a full block, and I still felt every contraction in a certain spot, so I just kept sucking on the gas. Man that's good stuff! :-)

I laboured this way for another couple of hours, and when they examined me around 9pm, I was told I was fully dilated and it was time to push. I had topped up my own epidural a couple of times, so I was quite numb, but very happy to push! About 20 minutes and 7 pushes later, our little baby girl sprung into the world. She was completely perfect and fed within 45 minutes of being born. And she hasn't stopped since!!

I was immediately in love. Because we had picked out the name "Quinn Maria" (this was the inspiration for her first name, and this for her middle name) for Chance if he was a girl, I have had the last 2 years to get used to the name and have looked forward to the possibility that one day I might have a daughter named Quinn. 

I have had "the weepies" a bit more than expected, but my hormones and moods are starting to balance out a bit now, except of course at 5am when my newborn is fast asleep and my toddler is wanting "bekfest". But as I said, we're getting there. 

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    Congratulations Renae, she is beautiful!


    Quinn Morgendorffer!! I knew it :D That is so cool lol


    Hi Renae & Frith. Congratulations on the arrival of your little Quinn. We absolutely LERVE Daria & think its an awesome name. Quite bizarre, as it was the second Daria incident that happenned to us yesterday! Hey Eric has fixed Frith's bike & made a few aerodynamic's a pic .... hey, not sure if you follow us on Facebook, but you may like to LIKE us to catch up on the fun & frivolity of all things Wang.
    Best wishes,
    Lauren & Eric & Ruby Bittner


    Well we're kind of hoping our Quinn has more of Daria's attributes than Quinn's, but you just never know!
    Lauren - I'm so pleased you heard our news. I was trying to find an email address for the bead shop! The bike looks amazing!! I knew we were leaving it in good hands :-)


    Yay! Keep in touch. or . There's a blog on the website too that Eric occasionally talks to ;) Re: Daria vs Quinn...your Quinn will already have popped out pre-programmed, just have to wait. & see which one she shares attributes with!


    Congratulations, she is just beautiful. You did a wonderful job, and I agree, the gas is great stuff. Absolutely loving the name Quinn.