Jumping back in

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hubs and I invested a lot of time and money in to setting up our cloth nappy collection for Chanbe, and I loved using them. I really did. The extra washing very quickly became a part of life, and it wasn't that much extra effort. When I broke my foot a year ago, we decided (I decided) to give myself (mum) a break from the "extra work" and vowed to go back to them soon.

Then when we moved back to Wang, I started using them again but found it to be the straw that was destined to break my back (or spirit, as it were.) And that was that. I never went back to them.

Until now.

It has taken me a few weeks of adjustment with Quinn, but I realised a few weeks ago that I was excited by the prospect of using them with Quinn, and even starting to use them again with Chance, to try and see if that will make him more interested in using the toilet. (Making him uncomfortable in the nappy ;-) )

So today was day one, and don't she just look a treat?

Next step? Nappies for Chance. That may take a bit more convincing on his part, but as I said, I'm excited!

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