Chanbe's car trip

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

There's a fair bit of road works going on a few kms from our house, and although it would be quicker to avoid it, I'd also miss out on this each morning:

(Re: the "smiley face" he's referring to: There's a temporary speed sign that says 40 and has a speed camera on it. If you're going 40km/h or under, it gives you a big smiley face.)

(The size and quality are better if you click on the "YouTube" icon on the bottom right, and view it via YouTube.)

And of course, if I'd kept filming for another 5 seconds, you would have also been treated to a big "BOBCAT!! Bobcat Mama!!!"

I love the delight the Chanbe finds in a boring old trip in the car. It's definitely a highlight of my day :-)

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