My first 5km fun run

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I did it! It was hard going, but I ran (jogged) the whole way and didn't stop til I got to the end! It felt really amazing, even though I was in a world of pain by the end of it. My sciatica wasn't too bad during the run, but my hip was sore pretty much the whole time. And it was when I stopped that the sciatica pain flared up. But that doesn't matter!!! I did it!

Here we are before the run, at the starting line:

And here we are at the end:

As you can see, Beth hardly broke out in a sweat, but you would come to expect that of a personal trainer who completes triathlons and trains every day :-) It was so good having Beth there to cheer me on the whole way. Once I got to the half way mark, I knew I could do the whole thing. It was slow going (45min total) but I didn't stop. And I'm feeling really proud of myself right now. And even though I'm pretty sore still, I'm already looking forward to the next one in a month! Bridge to Brisbane, here I come!

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