Dinner with the girls

Friday, July 18, 2014

Get a photo. I told myself at least 5 times leading up to tonight's dinner. Get a photo.

I arrived back at the car. Dammit. I forget to get a photo.

I just had dinner with 2 of my best friends. I've known these girls my whole life and they've known me most of theirs. They've seen me at my best and my worst. They've watched me triumph and they've seen me struggle. They've celebrated my joys, and wept for my heartache.

They have always felt more like sisters to me than cousins. Up until last year they didn't even know they were identical twins. I was always convinced they were fraternal, because I could not remember a time when I couldn't tell them apart. Plus even though they were similar, to me they have always been very different people.

But one thing has remained constant. They have always been there for me. We are all living in different cities these days, which makes nights like tonight incredibly rare and special. Just the three of us. Reminiscing, talking about family, our parents, our current challenges and future plans. I've never been embarrassed to tell them how much they mean to me, and their ability to ring or text or email at just the right time is uncanny.

Amy and Emma. You are beautiful, talented, generous, loving souls and I miss you heaps. But I know we'll always be a big part of each other's lives, and we'll always have Spaceballs.

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