I'm not a nerd, but...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

...I married one. I thought this would mean that I no longer had to do ANY nerdy stuff (fix my computer, know which cords plug into the TV/DVD player/amplifier etc etc) and that's true to an extent. But I HAVE had to become au fait with using a Data Projector, amplifier and Play Station to watch DVDs. Yeah. You read correctly. This hasn't always gone well for me.

One afternoon I came home and I had a pile of washing to fold, so I thought I'd put on a few episodes of the office and do my folding. Data Projector on? Check. PS2 on? Check. Disc inserted? We have a picture! Amplifier on? No sound. Hmmmm... so I started fiddling with the wireless play station remote, as I've seen Hubs adjust the volume through that before, but it didn't seem to be picking up any signal. I thought the batteries were flat so I replaced them with 2 other rechargables. The problem is, you never know if they're recharged or not. Still no signal. So I knew I had to find the duva to put in the thingy of the playstation so the remote would pick up the signal (technical, I know. I hope you're keeping up!) but had no idea where it was.

30minutes later, Hubs came home to find me sitting in front of the data projector , watching the menu page of the office and a little tear streaming down my face. I tried so hard!!!!! (Turns out the lead to the amp was plugged into the wrong socket AND the duva for the thingy was in a "safe place.")

Not to be deterred, I found myself in a similar position last night. I got everything working, but had the same problem with the PS remote. So what did I do? I channelled my inner nerd and picked up one of the guitars used for Guitar Hero, plugged it in to the playstation and used the buttons and strum bar as a remote.

Yeah. I rock! (In more ways than one!!)

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