Spoiler alert!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NOTE: If you haven't watched the movie SERENITY, and you don't want to know the ending, this post isn't for you.

As previously mentioned, Hubs and I have been watching Firefly and we finished the last episode on Tuesday night. It was a bit darker than previous episodes, and not one of my favourites, but it got me excited about watching the movie Serenity. We were going to have a movie night Friday night, but last night rolled around and it was lovely and warm and we had nothing planned so we decided to watch it then. Serenity is considered as somewhat of a sequel to the TV series and it had all the same characters that we had grown to love, so I was super excited.

The movie was also pretty dark and a bit scary (I had to close my eyes at times) but it was a pretty cool story line and was fun to watch. Actually, it was just like watching a double episode of Firefly! It was all going along nicely - I was nervous and the suspense was great! And then it happened. Wash got harpooned by Reavers and they left him on the ship cos "he was dead". And I was like "naaaaaaaaah. There's no WAY they would kill off Wash after they'd already killed off Shepherd and Mr Universe. No WAY."

Yes way. I was gutted. Devastated. I cried. Like, SERIOUSLY cried. Why would they do that? If there are any fans out there (I know there are), TELL ME WHY THEY WOULD DO THAT!!!!!????? Hasn't Zoe been through enough in her life??? Even if they DID think it was a good idea to kill him off, they needed to get Zoe to completely lose her nut. They needed her to break down and cry and not be able to focus cos she's just lost the love of her life. Instead, she continues in her usual no-nonsense manner and kicks some Reavers butt.

I was not happy. I'm STILL not happy about it.

I need answers people!!

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    I sat through all of the credits at the end, hoping for a little glimmer of hope that somehow, he'd survived. I still live in hope...


    I watched this when it first came out as I was a huge fan of Firefly. Not only did I have to live through the pain that it wasn't getting picked up for a second season but then BAM Walsh who was a leaf on the wind gets nailed through the chest... Absolutely gutted.. They should just go the Vanilla Sky route... "And they all woke up and it was a bad dream"