Quick thinking

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's my job to order to the key lanyards at the end of the year, so if students (or staff!) lose their keys, the person who finds them can call the number on the lanyard and tell us where the keys are. In a perfect world anyway. Most of the students discard the lanyard as soon as they are given their keys. Anyway. I get to choose the colour and last year I ordered a lovely orange, to contrast with the previous year's blue. This year I chose purple. Hooray! My favourite colour! The colour of the lanyards have nothing to do with this story, but I like purple so I thought I'd mention it. (And from the looks of my blog, I like the combo!)

They arrived today and look stunning. I gave the first one to my boss (well, one of my bosses - when you're this low in the pecking order, you have many) and she put it on her key chain. A minute or so later she came out holding the lanyard, looked at me, and said "The phone number is wrong."

In the 3 seconds before she cracked a smile and said "only joking", my brain had processed the following:

"Crap crap crap. Hang on, they used the template from last year so that means LAST year's number must have been wrong, but I know for a fact that it wasn't wrong. Someone at their end must have stuffed up. It's not my fault! Hooray!"

Am I the only one here impressed by the speed of my thoughts right there? Maybe it's the thought of getting into trouble (yes, I'm a scaredy-cat) that makes me think so fast. But seriously! Never mind how gullible I am, LOOK AT MY BRAIN POWER!!! At this rate I'll be able to take over the world sooner than I thought.... Mwah ha ha ha ha haaaaaa....

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