When your toddler gives you lemons

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It was one of those days. Chanbe and I just weren't on the same page. There were tantrums (his) and tears (mine), negotiations and bribes. Finally, when the weather cleared up a bit, we took it outside. Quinn was asleep, so he had me all to himself. It was the best idea I'd had all day.

I brought some soothing supplies:

And had a lovely view of my lovely son showing me some "big jumps" off the rocks in our backyard.

Once I had painted my toenails, Chanbe wanted in on the girly time as well.
"It's very pretty" said Chanbe.

"Don't tell Dadda" said I.

Then it was time for some "big kicks". The sun was shining, and finally we had made some sweet sweet lemonade.

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