The Wedding and the Good Breakfast

Sunday, May 11, 2014

And what a lovely wedding it was. Since becoming a marriage celebrant, I pay much closer attention to the ceremony at a wedding. This wedding was in an Anglican Church, and I must say I was very impressed with the Priest who conducted the ceremony. He made it personal by sharing a little something about his marriage; he made a timely, appropriate joke to calm the nerves a little; and I felt he really engaged with the audience with his friendly manner. He also partook in gelati with the wedding guests in the church car park afterwards! I'm not sure I could take any pointers as such, but I hope that when I am officiating at ceremonies, I am as relaxed and engaging as he was. And if not yet, then it's certainly something to aspire to.

Here's a photo of Hubs and I walking to the reception. Yes, he looked rather lovely too!

Hubs and I stayed at South Brisbane for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday night) and had this rather nice view from our balcony:

On Saturday morning, we went searching for a good old fashioned brunch. We checked out the menus for pretty much all of the places along Little Stanley St at Southbank, and when Hubs saw Brioche on the menu, he wanted it, and he wanted it bad. And bad it was. Actually, Hubs' Brioche French toast wasn't too awful, but my "Mediterranean Breakfast" was. I left half of it on the plate, and if you know me and how much I LOVE breakfast food, you know that's a big deal. The poached eggs were not only completely cooked through, but hard and dry, the haloumi was like rubber and the toast was completely soggy. I gave them the constructive feedback, and in hindsight I should have said I didn't want to pay for it. Has anyone ever done that??? I wouldn't know how??

I know I seem to be complaining about food a lot lately, but I just get disappointed when we're paying good money for bad food. Especially when Hubs makes me amazing breakfasts at home for me often.

So when we woke up this morning, we decided we needed a good brekky to make up for it. And it happened. We ended up at Paddington at a lovely place called Anouk. The service was friendly and speedy, the coffee was hot and strong and the food... aaaaaah the food. Hubs ordered the spicy creamy mushrooms with cheesy toast...

... and I ordered their simple and delicious version of Eggs Benedict:

We also ordered a fruit "shake" to share. Everything was top notch and I made sure I told them at the end. I would recommend this place and cannot wait to get back there.

A lovely Mothers Day brekky for me :-)

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