The day that nearly didn't have a blog post

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'm happily exhausted. It has been a bumper weekend of driving around and catching up. So much quality time has been spent with friends and family; the kids have had a blast and went to sleep immediately; and I'm about to hit the pillow also. I've just spent the last hour online booking flights (ie spending more money) and researching Marriage Celebrant professional development options. I'm more confused now than when I started, which suggests to me it's time to go to bed.

On another positive note, we sold the falcon today! (Which just reminded me to log in and remove the online ad!!) We're going to miss the old girl, but I'm very happy to have it out of our hands and on it's way to new adventures. Hubs and I are discussing possibilities for our next car which is always fun and exciting. Especially when we dream, and disregard any budgets or practicality. I'm pretty keen for a family van and Hubs is certainly a van man, so he's doing a lot of the research into it. But mostly it just entails us pointing out cars as we drive around and passing judgement. Which is always fun.

So that's me done for the weekend. Only 1 more week and I'm back with Hubs again in Mount Isa. I'm really missing him now - 5 weeks is too long to spend away from home. Hubs is home and I miss home.