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Monday, June 16, 2014

I've spent a great deal of time and blogging space this year listing the things I don't like about Mount Isa, I think it's about time I shared some of the things I do like.

Wow. Mount Isa seemed to bypass Autumn entirely, with temps ranging from 22 to 36 degrees one week, and down to 10 to 22 a couple of weeks later. It's been getting down to under 10 overnight since I arrived back from Brisbane a week ago, and I must admit I was caught completely off guard. People told me it would get cold here, but after what felt like the endless summer, it was very hard to believe. Now, I believe it.

Dark mornings
It doesn't get light here until after 7am which means the kids are generally sleeping in until then. This is such a bonus and we are loving the later mornings. Even in summer it doesn't really get light til 6:30am, so it's been a pretty nice change from Townsville.

The transient population
This can be a good and bad thing, as friends come and go frequently, but the good thing is there's not much of an "us and them" mentality amongst the "locals" as there are very few of them! And if you've been here more than 5 years, you're considered a local! Very different to some small towns we've lived in.

The small number of celebrants
A win for me! I've already lined up 2 weddings this year through celebrants who are leaving town who had my details. My networking when I arrived sure paid off! This is very exciting as I've really missed doing weddings. I have 3 in total booked in in a 6 week period; 2 up here and my cousin's wedding in October down south.

Bin collection is twice a week
Okay, this may seem like a weird one, but it's actually fantastic. Especially in the height of summer with stinky nappies in the bin. There is no recycling up here so bins get fuller quicker. But I think it's more to do with the stinkiness in summer. Regardless, I love that even if we forget to put the bin out one day, it's only 3 days til the truck comes again. And with a 3 year old boy in the house, it's bonus entertainment!

Size of the town
Yesterday I had to go to from one side of the town to the other, twice. It took less than 10 minutes each time. No traffic, no hold ups, only the regular RBT to have to contend with. Easy peasy.

The playgroups
The playgroups here are so fantastic. I've met some really lovely mums through the 3 different groups I go to. A lot of the same people go to the same groups so there are always familiar faces which is nice.

The 4WD tracks
We have been 4WDriving a few times since we arrived and it's been lots of fun! We have met some people who are also keen and generally free on the weekends to do fun stuff. The weekend just gone, we headed to Rigby Falls (they were pretty much dry) and went fossicking for Maltese Crosses, without much luck. But it was a great day out and Chanbe rather likes going on a "bumpy drive."

Hubs' timetable (at the moment)
Hubs is currently working in emergency which is a 8 days on, 6 days off timetable. And those 8 days are a mixture of 4 different shifts, so there are only 2 days where he is away from 7:30am until about 8pm. The other days he either has a late morning start, or an afternoon start, or most of the day off followed by an evening or night shift. Granted, he spends most of the next day sleeping, but it's still nice knowing he's right there. Those are the days the kids and I are mostly out to give him sleep, so it's extra incentive to get out there!

There are other little things I like about living here, but these are the things that immediately came to mind. This is also part of my better attitude I am striving towards at the moment. Baby steps...

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    This was lovely to read - the family recharge seems to have worked a treat. Sometimes it is easier to see the trees in the forest when we step out of it for a while. Your reflections inspire me to think about what I am enjoying at the moment - becomes far to easy to dwell on what if and why me when things not quite going to plan. xxx


    I honestly just got so sick of hearing myself complaining, so not only do I want to stop that excessive negativity, but I know that when I'm noticing positive things around me, it helps with my mindset a lot. I'm sure you've been able to come up with some lovely things to focus on too.