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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I was watching our friend learn how to rollerblade the other day, and I was enjoying watching the learning process. I've tried so many sports in my life, and find it exciting to continue to try new things. Here are a few I've given a go:

Swimming - started young cos I had asthma and was pretty handy at the school swimming carnivals
Gymnastics - started when I was fairly young and learned at the PCYC
Judo - did this at the PCYC as well, with my bro
Ballet - started when I was 4 years old, finished when I was 13. I got to the stage where I actually had to be good to continue!
Tap dancing - Did this for about 4 years as a teenager and LOVED IT!
Jazz dancing - I think I did this for 2 years (as well as tap and ballet) and liked it but wasn't that good
Athletics - at primary school. I was good at sprinting, long jump and high jump. Until puberty hit...
Hockey - played hockey (goal keeper) from 10-years-old til 16, then again when I was 21/22 years old.
Soccer - played in high school and then again when I was 26/27 y/o (in goals again)
Basketball - was on the inter-school team (mandatory sport on a Wednesday)
Netball (indoor) - first played when I was 17/18 or so, then on and off in my 20s
Skiing - first learnt when I was 10 years old, then again for year 11 ski trip. Can't wait to go again some time and try my hand at snow boarding
Indoor hockey - played for a few years in my late teens and again in my 20s I think
Wind surfing and catamaraning - both just for fun with family
Touch footy - Played when I was 23/24 but didn't like it that much, then played down here in Melbourne last year and LOVED IT!
Ultimate disc - played 1 season last year with Hubs and enjoyed it, but the game times weren't that convenient and it's TOO COLD in Melbourne to play sports at night!
Going to the gym - well........
Rollerblading - just for fun
Personal training - did that in my mid 20s with a friend, then just before our wedding with Hubs(we were totally buff!), being trained by one of my bridesmaids who's a personal trainer and who LOVED kicking our butts.

Stuff I've tried once or twice: Tennis, Rebound volleyball, squash, badminton, backyard cricket (more than once or twice, clearly), karate, ju-jitsu, indoor rock climbing, sky diving (once is enough), lawn bowls.

So it kind of looks like I play sport the same way I work, but I did actually participate in a lot of these sports for a long time, so it's totally different. :-) That's all that I can think of at the moment, though, there could very well be more! (And there's probably a really obvious one that I've missed!)

The moral of the story? I'll try anything once!

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