Job #30 - Newman College

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Started casual work on 25th August, full-time on 20th October 2008

(Wow! 30 jobs in 30 days! It's like I planned it or something! :-)

After my Channel 7 gig, the business manager at college offered me some casual reception/office work when I wasn't working my other job (database admin). So I appreciatively took them up on their kind offer. The receptionist here had taken extended leave and they weren't sure if and when she was coming back, so it was a week-to-week arrangement which suited me fine at the time. About a month later, they offered the job to me full-time and after very careful consideration, I accepted.

When I let my part-time employer know that I was resigning (I stated that I needed full-time work and gave a whole month notice), they counter-offered a full-time job at their company. It was a LOT more money, and longer hours. I did consider this offer - let's face it, the money would have been really great and I would have had a high-responsibility position, but my heart just wasn't in it.

So I made a lifestyle choice and stuck with my original decision to work full-time with the college. They weren't overly happy and they tried to bribe me with chocolate (my one weakness! besides red wine that is...) but it wasn't to be.

So I began full-time employment here at the college just over a month ago and it's going great. I have a 30 meter commute to work and so much free time on my hands that I don't know what to do with! Though, I'm sure I'll find something! It's also very social here and not only do I work with lovely people, I get to have lunch with Hubs most days (bonus!) and there's always students coming in and out of the office which gives the place a nice atmosphere. AND they all stop to have coffee at 10:30am (just like YACMU!) AND they have a special staff morning tea every Wednesday! It's great!

So that's it folks. Scary? Yes. A little depressing? Sure. Frustrating? More than you can imagine. But here I am, in a job that I like, feeling like I make a difference (maybe a small one, but a difference none-the-less) and enjoying a very nice lifestyle. What more could a gal ask for?

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    It's a strange world we live in. Someone offers us a job with more responsibility (ie stress) longer hours (less leisure time) longer commute (ditto) and our heart isn't in it. Yet for some reason, it still receives consideration.

    It could be the cold hard cash. But it might also be the cultural pressure to 'progress' towards higher pay-packets and grander-sounding job titles. This may be handy for gloating at school reunions, but that's about it.

    As kids we were told there are more important things than money - and to ignore peer pressure. I think there's still merit in that.

    So kudos to you Renae. It's a good choice - and it sounds like you're already reaping the rewards.


    Thanks Dave! You have always been super supportive when it comes to my work life and I thank you for your kind words (at the perfect times) and the loads of encouragement and advice along the way. You're a great friend.


    I'm Helen and worked for the Chemical engineers place in the UK ( it was me that emailed you to say your blog had come up on a google alert!) Anyway I still read your Blog, and just read this post - how freaky I left the chem eng plac ein September - was a v hard decision and now work somewhere much closer to home and just round the corner from my husband so we have lunch every day too!! Helen


    Wow Helen! Thanks for reading! Do you blog as well? I'm glad you've found somewhere handy to work. And it's so nice to have that extra quality time with your man isn't it!


    Aw, shucks. I just wish that your job-blog month had been a different month, so we could have squeezed in...

    Job #31 - Christmas rapper (yo!)


    Ha ha. Yeah. I LOVE doing that job! I was going to sign myself up to do some shifts while in Brisbane, but realised that I'd be stretching myself WAY too thin. Might get back into it next year here in Melbourne!