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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I LOVE about living in Melbourne!!

1. Trams - they come ALL THE TIME!!
2. Public Transport in general - I've mastered the trains, trams and buses and am finding it so easy (okay okay, so I've caught the wrong tram, the wrong train, and missed a few stops on the bus, but I'm getting there!!)
3. Coffee - you can find a decent coffee almost anywhere! AND CHEAP TOO!! I can get a soy flat white or soy mocha for 3 bucks!! (FYI I was paying up to $4.50 in Brisbane at one stage!)
4. Living on college - it's still a little weird sometimes, but generally we are loving it here. The people are great, the location couldn't be better, and the food is... well... it's college food. Let's not get TOO excited!
5. Walking everywhere - It's been great walking to work and just generally getting around on foot
6. The unpredictable weather - okay, so I don't love this, but if I don't embrace it, it will get me down! Actually, it really hasn't been too bad!
7. Great food - ahem... outside the college that is! (in all fairness, the college food isn't THAT bad, I'm just missing my veges!! There's lots of meat, pasta, rice, and potatoes and desserts. Lots of desserts. I'm trying to be good!!) No, the food I'm referring to is on Lygon st, or any other little alleyway you come across!
8. The opportunity to get to know my hubsband - this is the first time Hubs and I have really lived together alone (for more than a few weeks) since we got married and I must say it's been just lovely. We're still learning each other's habits and moods and having lots of fun doing so!
9. The lovely old pubs - Melbourne has a way of doing up a pub without gutting it and ripping out all the old character and style (exhibit "a" in the Vegas - Dooleys aka "The Valley"... yeuck!) We haven't found a favourite yet, but if you'd like to come and visit and help us look, come on down!
10. The endless number of alleyways that I keep discovering - by day they are empty, but at night time the umbrellas, heaters, tables, chairs and menus come out and out of the blue there are a dozen restaurants to choose from!

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    10 reasons I hate melbourne
    1. wifey lives there
    2. wifey live there and not in brisvagas
    3. the trams don't stop at my house in brisvagas
    4. wifey can't visit me and billy bob whenever
    5. its cold
    6. its too trendy for little old mother like me
    7. its too far for me to see husband's smelly feet
    8. wifey likes it there she might stay forever
    9. just cause
    10. its just not Christmas