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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Durdlin passed on the "torch of crunchiness" (is that right???) and I have to blog about 7 things that make me awesome (crunchy? I don't know...) This torch was passed to me 2 months ago and I've been trying to come up with a list that's a nice blend of humour and grace - kind of like me! HA!

So here goes:

1. I can make people laugh. Generally. Even if I have to resort to fart jokes.

2. I sometimes accidently snort when I laugh (and sometimes I do it on purpose)

3. I'm fabulously employable. See?

4. I can dance to 80s and 90s music for 4 hours at the Turf Bar and know almost all the lyrics and all the dance moves to all the songs

5. I can eat ice cream with my front teeth and laugh at people watching me, saying "aaaaaaaw how can you dooooooooo thaaaat?"

6. I can wiggle my ears

7. I use stars when I'm hand-writing dot points

Nothing terribly ground-breaking but they are some of the things that make me me.

I'm supposed to pass it on to 7 more people, but how about I just let you all in on my comments and you can tell me 7 reasons you're "crunchy" that way.

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    You forgot to mention (about point 4) that you also know the "real" lyrics - not just those unofficial ones printed on the CD cover.

    Also, regarding point 1, what do you mean "resort"? Fart jokes are one of the classic forms of humour. Don't tell me you don't laugh at...

    - the Brisbane buses that have "powered by Natural Gas" written on the side

    - the Ricky Ponting ad, with the kids playing cricket, and one kid says to the bowler "Let 'er rip Johnno!" (that's one bowler who's got the wind behind him ;)

    - the weather forecast when they issue a "strong wind warning"

    - the news this week that China wants to buy $50 billion worth of Australian gas.

    It's a wonderful humour that transcends cultural divides:)


    Oh you're funny... it's actually an "awesum" award but I just couldn't bear to use that term.

    Crunchy is a Dylan Moran reference. His child had a bag of potato chips and said, "Wow, these chips are awesome", which prompted Dylan to go on a rant about how over used that word is. He suggested, what his child really meant to say was, "crunchy". I've been looking on youtube for that clip but I can't find it.

    Sorry, long explanation. Hope it was worth it... or maybe I just killed the mystery.


    Thank you David, you were right - I laughed at all four fart jokes!! Hubs made the same comment - that fart jokes are "awesome". Which also brings me to your comment Durdlin - thanks for the awesum (??) explanation! tee hee!


    Number 4 is my fav. While I can't keep up with your knowledge of lyrics, I LOVE giving you a run for your money on the dancing!! :-) Oh, I wish there was a turf bar in brisvegas.


    Ah Adele, you need to check out kaliber in the Valley http://www.kaliber.com.au , had some great 80s dancing with mates a few Fridays back. I'm still getting heckled by mates for my mad MC hammer dance moves.


    Wow Nate, I checked out the Kaliber website and it looked super-fancy (no prices on the drinks list) and then I saw the brekky menu - can you book Hubs and I in for brekky with you while we're up in Dec/Jan? The place looks great! (aka CHEAP!!! A $7 brekky that INCLUDES a hot drink and coffees starting from $2??? THAT'S what I'm TALKING about.)


    Sounds like a planski.

    Yeah they have some mad fancy drinks, but beers and stuff as well. As it's got mad dancing, it's more the place you go after having cheap drinks somewhere else (fringe bar, $3 pints 5 - 7). You won't find drink prices listed on any website, as stupid government regulations make it illegal to advertise grrr.


    Heard another great one on the 'news update' last night: "Gas leak causes Surfers Paradise evacuation"