Day 15 - Woah that's good squishy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday, 10th July 2009 - Chillin' in New Orleans

We started the day with a continental brekky at the "hotel" and prepared ourselves for a very hot and humid day out. We set off on foot for the New Orleans Museum of Art for a photography show they had there; The Art of Caring: A Look at Life through Photography. It was a lovely warm day and most of the way we were in some type of shade.

We also found a community garden along the way and decided to play a game of chess. (Well, pretended to for the sake of some fun photos!)

The photography exhibition was very impressive and although it was nice to get out of the 38 degree heat, the 18 degree temperature inside became a bit too much towards the end. We were there for a couple of hours (there were hundreds of amazing photos) and then we headed back in to town for more exploring. It really was very hot and humid so when we came across a little corner shop that sold ice creams and squishies, we simply HAD to partake! (Apologies for the portrait orientation!)

We chose a delicious strawberry flavour and my gosh you should have seen how much syrup they put in! It really hit the spot!

Once we got into town, our objective was to find a barber to give Hubs a straight shave. It didn't take us long to find one, and even though I was very nervous, the barber mentioned that he did these every day, so that put me at ease somewhat.

Here's Hubs before:


And after!

Isn't he sexy!? It really was very super-smooth and it took an extra couple of days for it to grow back! Very nice indeed!

It started pouring down rain while Hubs was having his shave

so we found a little art studio to look around in, then we went to a pokey little bar called the Chart Room for $1.50 beers and a great atmosphere. Once the rain stopped we headed out to find somewhere to eat and took a recommendation to go to the Napoleon House. I thought the service was very good, and after our very yummy Pinot Noir, bruschetta, and Po'boys, we rolled on home for a swim, a nap, and another night in. Those big meals and wine/beer on a hot afternoon were a killer!

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