Echoes of Them

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Every year at Newman College, they hold a visual art competition. The theme of the competition this year was "Echoes" so Hubs did a photo composition. He spent some time practicing the execution of the photo, and then the final product took about half an hour to complete. (i.e. taking a number of different shots, changing the lighting, the positioning, the shutter speed etc.) Then on the way home from the pub one Friday night, Hubs stumbled upon some hard rubbish that the uni had discarded. There was a cabinet there with 2 glass doors intact, and Hubs decided that one of them would make a great photo frame!

Hubs had the photo enlarged to poster size and it looked amazing.

The prize of $500 is awarded at one of the fancy-pants dinners around this time of the year, so we got all dolled up (as usual) and attended. And then the winner got announced.

"And the winner is, Echoes of Them."
And I went nuts, but Hubs had forgotten what he had titled it!
"By Hubs Hubsband."
And then it sunk in. He was beside himself. He was in shock. And I had tears in my eyes. My goodness I was so damn proud of him.

There were 24 entries and his was chosen out of all of them, as being the best. And it was. Here's the award-winning-photo with an award-winning photographer.

And the description that accompanied it:
"The humble couch is part of the fabric that brings us together. Each person who sits on a couch leaves an echo of themselves in the room, on the lives of those who share the couch.
The memories of those who have been before combine with the memories of those who are present in an echo of the past, present and future.
The theme of 'echoes' is central to the piece - the echo of the past in the photos on the wall, the 'echo' of the present in the man on the couch, and the echo of the future in the friends who are with him."


Now Hubs is trying to decided between a "new" camera lens or a "new" laptop.

Congratulations Hubs, from a very very proud Wifey.

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