Oh when the Saints....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Well it's that time of year again. AFL Grand Final Weekend! Yee-haw! And what a season it has been for our team, St Kilda! We have only lost 2 games all season and we are up against Geelong (who have also had a cracking season) in the final tomorrow. Geelong are going in as favourites, but only just. And to be honest, I like being the underdog. But the Saints haven't won a premiership since 1966 so it's our turn!!

And just so you know, Hubs and I picked St Kilda as our team last year, so there was no jumping on any bandwagon for us! We are heading over to our friend's place for a Grand Final Day BBQ, but the weather tomorrow doesn't look so good (8-15 degrees with showers) so it might be an inside BBQ instead. Regardless, a great time will be had I'm sure.

And as an added bonus, the Broncos are playing the Storm (I hate those Melbourne players) tomorrow night as well so we'll be watching that on the big screen somewhere too! Can't wait!


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    In other Broncos news, the draw for 2010 is out, and the Storm play the Broncos in Melbourne in round 9, which is the weekend after the Australia-NZ match.


    I can't BELIEVE you aren't going to the game!!! What's with that?!?!


    I see both your teams lost :( ah well.

    Ended up getting to watch most of the AFL game, must say it was freaking fantastic! Had the benefit of not being tied to either side, and getting to witness a nail biting, edge of your seat GREAT game!

    The last 10 mins we were at a BBQ for Jodes' friends so 15 people in spa and around hunched around a tv screaming for the Saints to win! Obviously didn't win, but the adrenaline of a great game lingers all the same and none of us were too distraught :)

    Broncos Storm on the other hand... well I'll bet you're just glad you didn't go to the game. I won't elaborate as other commenters may have my head.


    Adele - we didn't go to the game because we're broke! :-)

    The AFL grand final was amazing - the game was just so brilliant and I think we were a bit unlucky (ie couldn't get the ball through the posts) but the defence was outstanding! We were very proud St Kilda supporters and can't wait for another cracking season!