Friday, August 6, 2010

That's just kind of how I feel at the moment. Things in Wang are settling down, I started my new job which is going well (after my 2nd day of having absolutely nothing to do and no internet access at work to do it on). I walk to and from work some days, and other days I ride. Hubs rides to the hospital each day and has set himself the goal to arrive at 8am each day. So far this is going well. I have a cold which is a be-arch. I haven't been sick in a VERY long time so I've been rather whiny about it. Plus, and this is just so typical, I'm on casual hours here which means no sick leave. Not that I would have taken time off necessarily, but ain't that just the way? I'm at a job for just under 2 years and could count the number of sick days I took on 1 hand. Then I start a new job, and in the 2nd week I come down with something. Anyway, I'm getting over it.

I head down to Melbourne this weekend for my Marriage Celebrant Professional Development which should be good. Then I've booked up my Sunday with lots of coffee dates which I'm really looking forward to. Hubs is going to hit the ski fields tomorrow and have another day of snowboarding (which means 4 or 5 days next week of him being sore). And then I'm up in Brisbane the following weekend, so as you can see, the fun never stops!

I know I keep promising it, but I WILL have some photos (before/during/after unpacking) of our new place just as soon as we get our computers all set up. Hubs is working on that in his minimal spare time.

So yeah, just another little update for y'all, so you know I'm still here. I'm doing well, Hubs is good and Littlefoot just won't stop kicking. Aaaaaah. Life is good.

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