Yes, you may touch my belly...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

... within reason :-)

I don't mind it to be honest. I have heard from many pregnant women that they got so annoyed when people touched their belly without their permission, but, so far, it hasn't really phased me. I haven't had perfect strangers coming up to me in the street (yet) but I have had people at work to whom I'm only been introduced a minute before, reaching out for a rub. I find it quite flattering and Littlefoot doesn't seem to mind at all. So I'm just going to let anyone, who wants to touch my belly, just go for it.

Is that weird? Did you mind/would you mind people touching your/your wife's/partner's pregnant belly?

2 comments: to “ Yes, you may touch my belly... so far...


    I found I didn't have anyone trying to touch mine...maybe I had this 'backaway from the bump' sticker stuck to my forehead?!?!

    In the meantime, how totally exciting is it that you have a bump for people to rub!!!!!


    Yes it is very exciting indeed. And it keeps getting bigger! Bending over is becoming a challenge in itself :-)