Trying new things

Monday, August 30, 2010

As I mentioned, Hubs and I have been taking Yoga classes since we arrived in Wang. I wanted to learn some relaxation and breathing techniques, and we both wanted to improve our flexibility. I have been mostly enjoying it, except that I seem to be getting worse, not better. Each week I find the class a little harder and feel like I can't do as much as the week before, as my belly expands. I do feel I've benefited from the relaxation techniques, and have learnt some great "labour poses" (pose of the child, cat pose), and hope that I can apply them when the time comes.

I was watching Hubs do some "Dragon" poses last week and marvelled at how far he had come with his Yoga. For someone who could barely sit cross-legged before we started, he really has loosened up and developed a great technique. I was really quite proud! I'll just keep plugging along and hope that it pays off in November.

I've also started riding a bike a bit more frequently. Now, let me tell you, riding a bike isn't "just like riding a bike" for me. It does not come naturally, nor easily. Don't get me wrong - I WANT to love bike riding. I WANT to be one of those people who just jumps on her bike to pop to the shops or to church or to a garage sale, but the thought doesn't really float my boat. And being pregnant really doesn't help my cause at all. Not only am I my usual amount of uncoordinated, but I'm now unbalanced (be nice) as well! The fact that I have a men's bike doesn't help either. Getting on and off that thing (having to swing my leg over the bar) is not easy, and don't even get me STARTED on the size of the seat!!!

I found a bike at a bike shop the other day and fell in love. It was purple, it had a massive seat, a little basket on the back, it was a hybrid (whatever that means), and it was oh-so-cute (cos that's important). And it was "only" $600!! I really think if we were going to be in Wang for the next 5 years I would invest in it, but I just can't see myself riding much once we move back to Queensland. Mainly because of all the hills! I've never owned a new bike before, and certainly not one and pretty and fancy as that one. I just don't know that I can justify the expense. But every time I have to get on my current bike, I am very tempted indeed!!

I am trying hard to embrace it a bit more, and over the weekend I DID ride my bike to a garage sale on Saturday and to church on Sunday. And it just makes me want that pretty bike even more...

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    I believe a hybrid bike is one that's designed for some off road and some on road riding. I have a hybrid :) they generally have skinny wheels, but not AS skinny as racing bikes :)
    (I love cycling)



    Ah yes now I recall. The salesman was explaining stuff to me, but I was quite literally distracted by something shiny! *sigh* I hope I start liking riding better soon.


    Great to hear you giving riding a go. Have you looked around for a wide comfy seat you could install on your current bike? I know that doesn't fix the bar problem, but it could make the journey lot more enjoyable.

    As far as i'm aware there are 3 bike stores in Wang:
    Bicycle Superstore 6-8 Handley St (03) 5722 2033
    Rock & Road Cycles 5/23 Murphy St (03) 5721 4744
    West End Cycles 25 Muntz St (03) 5721 4519

    Also you are lucky enough to have a local Bicycle User Group ( in your area. Apart from being a social experience, often the people in the group can be a good source of experience, wisdom and tips. (Or they might even have a spare comfy seat lying around at home ;)