Lady in red

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm currently writing some posts about our mammoth weekend, but am having photo-accessing-issues (so what's new!?) so just to keep you entertained, here's some I prepared earlier. Hubs took these shots of me outside our unit when I was all dolled up for our dinner at Brown Brothers for a conference Hubs attended a few weeks ago.

Where's the bump?

Oh there it is!

We had a sensational evening with amazing food (truly. AMAZING!) and lovely tastes of a couple of wines and we were at a great table with very interesting people. The conversation was enthralling and not all about medicine! The guest speaker for the night was a gentleman who used to be a doctor down in Antarctica for 9 months of the year, and now recruits said doctors for long (9 months) and short (6 weeks) stints down there. Of course, Hubs couldn't wait to chat to him afterwards!

Truly a wonderful night to remember. (Did I mention how awesome the food was??)

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