Garage sale

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Before we left Wang, we had a garage sale to try and get rid of excess stuff. And boy did we have excess stuff. I think I put out as many clothes as I had left in my wardrobe! I decided it was time to get rid of things that "might fit me one day" and just start fresh. (i.e. more op-shop clothes!) We were told to expect early callers, so we made a starting time of 8:30am on the Saturday morning. At 7:40am, a woman turned up and commented on how we weren't very organised and told us "I've been up since before 6:00am!" And that's my problem, how?? So she proceeded to help us set up, just so she could get through looking at everything and obviously move on to the next one. Sheesh!

We got rid of some furniture and a lot of crap, but hardly any clothes and not the big stuff like the big desks (one of which we ended up taking to our new place) or the couch or chairs.

Hubs and I were really looking forward to having the garage sale - neither of us had ever had one before - but I've gotta say, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. In fact, it was kind of depressing watching people go through our stuff and decide that they didn't want it. Like it wasn't good enough for them. I said to Hubs "if I had come to this garage sale, I would have bought all these clothes!" Funny about that...

Anyway, we made a few hundred dollars and donated the remaining things to Vinnies, so it was a moderately successful day for us, and a more successful day for Vinnies. Next time we might skip the middle man and just send our stuff straight to Vinnies

Here's Hubs and Chanbe at our garage sale. It was a very very cold morning and we'd had frost overnight. We had set everything up under our carport, but once the frost started melting, all the condensation poured onto the goods (you can see it on the ground) so we had to move everything out from under cover until it stopped! Funny!

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    We've got a bunch of stuff at the moment we don't need- mostly furniture that we've replaced with better stuff (FINALLY starting to get rid of the things we bought while we were single and in uni, and buying grown up things! :P). I found e-Bay has been a great way to get rid of take photos, people bid, they come and collect it, it's gone. You can do it all at your own pace, and if it doesn't sell, you haven't lost anything other than a few days of keeping it in your garage. I'm a convert now over garage sales!


    Yes I would certainly agree with that in Brisbane and other big cities, but it's not so easy in Wang and MB. Although, we did sell our bed by placing an ad on the KMart noticeboard!