It aint pretty, but it's pretty good

Saturday, April 20, 2013

So far so good people! I started my training for the fun run on Tuesday morning after buying new running shoes (with terrible service at the shop!!!) on Monday. On Monday night, I already had the excuses going through my head:

"I'll see how I sleep tonight."
"I'll see how the weather is in the morning. It's supposed to be raining."
"I'll see what time Chanbe wakes up and go from there."
"I can always start the next day."

And then I stopped. Chanbe has consistently been waking up around 6am, and since I get up with him, I'm usually up early anyway. Hubs had already agreed to look after the morning routine to support my endeavour, which gives me one less thing to use as an excuse, so it was time to bite the bullet and just do it. Today is always going to be yesterday's tomorrow, so I started "tomorrow" and it felt good.

Chanbe slept pretty well (with just 1 visit to our bed for a bit) and Quinn slept through all night for the first time, and has done so every night since (touch wood!!); the weather was great - overcast and cool; Chanbe woke up at 6am and I set him up with breakfast, fed Quinn and was out the door by 6:40am. The next 3 days I was out the door before 6:30.

I'm sure it didn't look pretty, but I wasn't out there to win any beauty prizes. One of the best things, is that from about 6:15am til 7:15am, it's now Wifey's time. I'm alone with my thoughts, with no responsibility towards anyone but myself, and I'm doing something for me. Just me. ALL ME!!! I can't tell you how good that feels.

I have tried early morning running and exercising more times than I care to remember, but this time it's different. I can't press the snooze alarm, roll over and go back to sleep. If I don't take advantage of that time in the morning, I can't get it for the rest of the day. I still set my alarm each morning for 6:10am, just in case Chanbe sleeps in, which happened yesterday morning. I could have kept sleeping, but I found myself getting out of bed and getting out the door as per usual. I was quite proud of myself.

This is quite a long post, but I'm really feeling good about my ability to achieve this goal. And I might not even look too bad at the end of it all!!

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