Quinn's Baptism

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picture this: A garden party, or high tea if you will, with a beautiful shade sale made by Hubs...

... a crisp white table cloth covering a long table where delightful treats such as salmon sandwiches and freshly baked scones await to be enjoyed, and with this:

... as the centrepiece: 70 cupcakes; a mixture of chocolate and red velvet, delicately decorated with teeny tiny feet:

... made with love by yours truly. Picture people wandering around with a cup of tea in hand, mingling with the well-to-dos of Brisbane (and now, Townsville :-) ). Ha!

And now picture rain. Lots of rain. Rain for weeks before the big day, a day before, and on the day. Driving, pelting, unrelenting rain.

*sigh* Hubs and I had been planning Quinn's baptism for a few weeks, and to be honest, we were convinced it wouldn't rain. But alas, the weather had other plans. So inside we went, and a lovely time was, of course, had by all.

Quinn wore the "family" baptism gown that we had made for Chance from offcuts of my wedding dress, with the idea that all of our children would wear it. So far so good! There are button holes at the front where, for the boys we put cufflinks, and for the girls, pearl earrings. We will give these to the kids when they are old enough to wear/appreciate them. It's one of many little traditions that Hubs and I are creating for our little family.

And, just like his brother before her, Quinn cried throughout the whole ceremony. This from a girl who, quite seriously hardly ever cries.

We did have a lovely time, and as usual, it was so great to see everyone and to share this special occasion with family and friends. Thanks y'all!

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