Our life fits in a Kombi

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hubsband and I have been talking about starting a Blog for a while now, so here it is! Exciting, I know! We have just moved from sunny Queensland down to windy... rainy... sunny... windy... (etc) Melbourne so Hubsband can begin his course in Medicine.

We managed to cram everything we need to live off in the family Kombi which was unbelievable and exciting! I took a look at what we had to fit in and said to Hubsband "honey, there's no way it's all going to fit!" To which he replied "dearest Wifey, trust me!" So I did and boy was I impressed! We had an excellent 5 day road trip down and thanks to everyone who let us crash in their spare bedrooms. We are now looking for somewhere to nest in Melbourne so we can unload the car and get on with our new lives down here.

Of course I am going to try and write a couple of times a week so feel free to give me a few tips if you're an experienced blogger! (or if you're just a smarty-pants know-it-all!)

Let the blogging begin!

3 comments: to “ Our life fits in a Kombi so far...


    hi thr...
    stumbled upon ur blog when i was juz scrolling around...
    fyi, i'm not a vr pro or experienced blogger...i hvn been updating my blog too...
    juz thought of leaving u a comment as a support for ur new blog ;)

    all i can say for now is, have fun n happy blogging :)



    As the the experienced blogger that I am (ahem) I'd say only one thing as warning - it's addictive!
    So you didn't go with the shed, tred and dread theme then? Amazing the economies of the Kombi!


    Bloody hell that's impressive! Actually, that's a bit what our storage unit looks like.