Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now don't get me wrong. I like Ugg-boots just as much as the next bevan, but come on people! Ugg boots are an INSIDE boot, not an outside boot. This fact seems to escape a LOT of people in our new home town.

Now I know residents of Brisvegas are guilty of wearing their Uggies outside the comfort of their own homes as well. In fact, I find it quite hilarious that it's not cold enough in Queensland to wear Ugg boots with warm clothes as well, so people wear the Ugg in public with shorts and singlets! And the number of outside-Uggers increases, the further north you go!

But I have to admit, the number of outside Ugg-wearers I've seen since we touched down in Melbourne 4 days ago has astounded me. I can't help but point and laugh.

I've seen Uggs over jeans, Uggs with stockings and skirts, Uggs popping out from underneath trousers, and of course, Uggs teamed with trackie-dacks. What a sight!

Now as I mentioned earlier, I AM a fan of the boot. I even had my parents ship my old Uggies over to Edinburgh when my little tootsies were freezing off in the Scottish winter. And boy they did the job. I had to retire them that winter after 11 years of service. And Hubsband (pictured) has Uggs that he has barely taken off since we arrived in Melbourne, except when he goes outside... (okay. So there was ONE time where he was caught out, but it was only brief and only witnessed by one person who swore never to speak of the incident.)

So if you are Ugg-lovers as we are, please respect the Ugg-rules and keep your Uggs indoors, where they belong.

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    Dare I mention at this stage that I've NEVER owned a pair of uggies. That's right, uggless! However, that won't stop me from having a say! I totally agree - the uggs are indoor beasts. I've seen similar laughable images - the one that sticks on my retina was a girl wearing the shortest skirt/belt I've ever seen, a cut off halter top with knee-high pink ugg boots. Aaaaah!


    On a different type of boot, I thought you might be interested to know that Doc Martens has a design a boot competition. The website is - there are some interesting designs people have submitted. I know how much "hubs" is in to his docs...