Sunset on a yacht

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(I'm going to blog about South Africa again very very soon! I PROMISE!!)

But first, let me tell you what Hubs and I got up to a few Tuesdays ago! Our friend's Dad has a yacht and we were invited to a day/evening out! 4 of the boys met at Brighton where the yacht is moored and sailed in the bay, had a swim (i.e. were dragged along) in the bay and then met us at Docklands, where 5 of us joined them for the return voyage. I always get excited about sailing, and it's not til we get out a ways that I remember I get sea-sick. I wasn't too bad on this journey though - I stayed above deck and managed to not chuck.

The whole evening was just lovely. The weather was gorgeous (though, not enough wind on the return trip) and the company, as always, fabulous.

"Damn, I think we lost Hubs. Can you seen him?"
"Yeah, I can see his dreads, right there!"

"I hope he tied the rope nice and tight!!"

Nathan and Cal looking hot, and enjoying the view

Hubs and Wifey trying to do the same...

...and looking like clowns...

Enjoying the great company (and nibblies!)

Stunning sunset

(I couldn't decide between the 2 photos)

The sunset reflected on the Eureka Tower, and nothing else - it was incredible!

Thanks so much for a wonderful day out guys! I can tick "sailing in Port Phillip Bay" off my "things to do before leaving Melbourne" list.

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