We have arrived!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After 6 "legs" (walk, bus, train, bus, plane, car) Chance and I arrived safe and sound in Brisbane. And not that I want to brag, or jinx myself for the trip home, but our little man was an absolute dream. He slept on the bus, then had a feed and sleep on the train, then happily made lots of cute noises on the shuttle bus to the airport, then slept for pretty much the whole flight. Honestly, it was so wonderful. I had hoped this would happen, and I think I did a good job of keeping calm and relaxed so he could follow my lead. Once we got into the car on the way home, he had had enough and lost it. And I was absolutely fine about it, as I was feeling pretty shattered and disorientated as well so I really couldn't blame the little guy.

He fell asleep in the car at the top of our street but woke up for party time once we got him out of the car. I think he finally went to sleep about 11. Monday night was a tough night for both of us, with Chance waking up every hour or 2, so we were both pretty tired starting out yesterday. I wondered if I was in for the same fate last night, but he only woke up twice, and then at 6am (7am Wang time) it was time to wake up for good. At 6:30am, Grumpy came and took him for a cuddle and gave me another few hours of wonderful sleep. I feel so much better now. He's a bit unsettled today but I'm sure he'll be back to his usual self in the next day or two.

It's really nice to be back in Brizzie catching up with rellies. He's at such a lovely age and it's nice to share this time with family. He's currently having a bit of a scream so I'd better go and see if I can help out, although Gran and Grumpy seem to have it covered!

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    Welcome back to Brisbane! sorry for short text the other day, work was being rather demanding. Hopefully catch you and the little one while you're in town.

    Good to hear he was a good lad on the plane :)