Friday, October 26, 2012

Since we gave plenty of notice of our intention to leave this house, we have already had 6 lots of people come through with the real estate agent to inspect the house. We are not breaking our lease - I signed up until the 17th of November - so I just thought I would be extra nice and give over 2 months notice, so they could find new people to rent the house.

As I have mentioned, I don't generally keep our house in a particularly tidy state, mainly because, since we moved in in April, we never fully unpacked and a lot of our stuff has never had a "place" so often I don't even bother trying. For the inspections, however, I have always made sure things are relatively tidy, vacuuming done, and kitchen spotless. We have been excellent tenants, in my opinion, so today's inspection left me feeling quite deflated.

I've just started feeling okay with our huge move coming up - we've sold a couple of things, have interest in a couple of other things, and designated a lot of stuff to give away. I have picked up some packing boxes, and have already filled several bags for the op-shop. After showing the prospective tenants around, the real estate agent came back to where I was on the computer, gave me a look, and said "So, you're still right for your vacating date? I noticed the back garden is getting out of hand. Are you getting someone in to professionally clean it up?"

"Ummmm... yes?"

"Have you got the checklist that you need to complete before you vacate? Are you still okay with the date you're leaving?"

"Ummmm... yes?

And it went on like this for a bit longer.

Seriously. I'd just started feeling okay. And now, not so much. Maybe she was just doing her job. Maybe she thought she was being helpful. (And maybe I made a face at her as she walked out the door.) But if she had known the crazy life we have lived in the last year, she would have BACKED OFF. I do NOT need that kind of "help" and yes, moving house is a big job, but I know it will work out. You know how I know? Not just because we've done it 4 times in the last 4 years, but because it has to work out. There is no other option.

So excuse me for letting the gardens get "out of hand." I've had other things on my mind thank-you-very-much.

Chanbe helping Mama with the vacuuming

Our 10 hour trip, 8 hours in the ED, and threefold guilt PART II

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did I mention that Chance had a rash? No? It started 2 weeks ago as little pimply patches on his shoulders and was diagnosed as "post viral". When you go to the doctor and you get a diagnosis, you believe them, right? I had heard that there had been a case of school sores reported at his childcare centre, but the doctor ensured me it wasn't that. So I went on my merry way with my not-so-well little boy and had a fitful night sleep on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, the rash had gotten worse and it had spread. 

But I had been told it was post-viral, and that it should get better within a week. My instincts were telling me otherwise, but I was trying not to overreact. Plus, Chanbe was fine. No fever, no fuss, so we went about our day. Though, I avoided contact with kids in case his "virus" was still contagious, as per the doctors orders. By Wednesday night, I was starting to wonder, and after another sleepless night, and a worsened rash on Thursday morning, I booked him back in to the doctor.

The look on her face when she saw him made me so upset and angry. Definitely school sores. The rash was all over his shoulders and arms, and covered his legs and butt, and it was no longer pimply, but red and angry. I was given the antibiotics script and assured that we would be okay to fly to Brisbane the next day. When I got into the car, I burst into tears. I knew there was more to it, and had the doctor said at the first visit "if it gets worse, bring him back" I would have been back on Wednesday. I felt so guilty and horrible. Just thinking about it now makes me feel ill.

So Friday we set off for Brisbane on our 10 hour trip, and on Saturday morning, I was overcome with "the rash should be getting better. Why isn't it getting better???" There were going to be other kids at the party and I was paranoid about them getting sick too, and after a couple of outsiders looked in, I insisted we take Chanbe to the Emergency Department at the Hospital. It was 10:45am when we got there. For the next hour or two, I was either crying or about to cry. We got in to see at doctor at 12:15pm, but he was called away 5 minutes later and never came back so we had to wait some more. At 1:15pm we saw another doctor who stuck around, looked at the rash and scratched her head. "Not a typical case of school sores. I'd like to run some tests and call my boss to have a look."

The party had already started, and I was told to go along as there was no point in all of us missing out. I felt SO guilty for leaving Hubs there, especially since he was pretty sure it was going to be the same diagnosis as before, but he insisted. So after arriving at the party, having a cry with Mum, and getting hugs from my gorgeous family, I settled down somewhat. This was the third lot of guilt I felt - for not having Mum's only grandchild at her 60th birthday party. Of course she understood, but I felt awful.

At one stage I got a text from Hubs to say that the big Dr was thinking it might be chicken pox, infected with staph. More tears. I left the party around 5pm when it was wrapping up and went to see my boys. They were doing great, under the circumstances. I kept apologising to Hubs and he kept telling me it was okay. Chanbe was an absolute trooper, playing with a balloon I had left him, and watching YouTube on Dadda's phone. The Paediatrician came in around 6pm and said it was not a typical case of anything, and the best they could determine was that it was school sores, but they weren't responding to the treatment. They changed his antibiotics and sent us home just before 7pm.

We took our little Chanbe home and he was fast asleep in no time. The rash started clearing up over the next couple of days, but it is still there, 2 weeks later. So now I feel like I don't want to send him back to ChildCare in case he gets sick again. An irrational fear, yes, but one that I have to get over in my own time. The lesson I learned is to trust my gut. Even if I get told the same thing, I won't be left wondering.

Our 10 hour trip, 8 hours in the ED, and threefold guilt

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The weekend before last was supposed to look like this: Arrive in Brisbane at 7pm Friday, have dinner with the parents, sleep, wake up, attend Mum's 60th birthday party Saturday lunch time, have a leisurely brekky with Hubs Sunday, drop him off at the airport, and relax.

What actually happened, was this: We left Wang at 12:30pm Friday for our 6pm flight from Melbourne. We wanted to leave plenty of time as the Melbourne Ring Road can come to a standstill and can delay you for a hour if there is an accident (that happened to me one time with Chanbe in the car) and we had to drop our car off at long-term parking and catch a shuttle. And we were travelling with a 2 year old. Chanbe didn't sleep the whole car trip which was weird and a little concerning, but nonetheless, we arrived at the parking at 3:30 and were at the airport at 4. After almost being able to get on the 5pm flight instead, and our hopes being dashed, our boarding time was 5:30.

By the time we grabbed sushi for Chanbe and Hubs and got through security, we had an hour to kill, so Hubs mostly looked after Chanbe and took him for long walks up and down the terminal. He was so well behaved! And so was Chance!! :-) We got word that the flight was delayed 20 minutes, so we kept pacing. Then it was delayed another 20 minutes, and we didn't end up boarding until 6:30, and the flight left close to 7pm. Not fun. But still, Chanbe was a dream. Not long after takeoff, he was asleep in my arms while Hubs and I did the inflight magazing quiz.

We arrived close to Brisbane when the captain informed us that we were to be put in a holding pattern, delaying us by another half an hour. Grumble grumble. We FINALLY landed at 8:40pm local time, 9:40pm Victoria time, and we had the pleasure pain of experiencing Brisbane's new Pick Up Zone. It sucked. Big time. After his little nap, Chance was again happy as can be. I, however, was whingy and whiney and wanted to sulk. After doing a sneaky avoiding-the-pick-up-zone pickup, we got to Mum and Dad's at 9:30pm local time; 10:30pm Victoria time. And Chanbe didn't go to sleep for another hour because it was time to play with Gran and Grumpy.

And the worst was yet to come....

Catching up

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today has been a good day. I heard Chanbe stir at 5:45am this morning, but then he went back to sleep for another hour and was ready to get up as Hubs was getting ready for work around 6:45am. He was in a good mood, and so was I! We said goodbye to Hubs and had brekky together and then had a lovely play before going for a walk. He then went down for a nap around midday, after lunch, and I thought I'd have a little lie down 2. My alarm went off after an hour, then an hour and a half, and then after 2 hours I felt rested. Chanbe is still asleep, 2.5 hours later! Which means he'll wake up happy and we'll have a lovely afternoon together.

Last week in Townsville was hard work, but it was a very successful trip. My main reasons for going were to get a feel for the town and look at some houses in the areas we are keen on. I looked at 14 houses for sale (yes! We're getting all responsible and grown up!!!) and there were 3 that I/my support crew felt would be a good investment. You see, we're only going to be living there for a year or 2, then we want to rent it out indefinitely. We are currently in negotiations about one of the houses, but I've started having some doubts about it so we'll see how things progress over the next few days.

We had such a great week up there, Mum, Chance and myself. We stayed with family friends who are around my age and who have a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy and the kids had a nice time playing. Chance was an absolute dream and had a great week with his Gran looking after him while I raced around (drove sensibly) looking at houses. It was hard without Hubs there - he had to work - but we might make another mad dash up in November/December before we move there for good at the end of December.

Only 4 and a half weeks until we move, and I'm trying my hardest to get things organised. Mum and Dad get here in just over 2 weeks, so it will help having them around. In 2 and a bit months time, we'll be in Townsville. Hard to imagine...

A bit of an update

Monday, October 15, 2012

We're off to Townsville in a couple of hours, and I just wanted to give you a heads up on what's been going on! Well, actually, I want to give you a teaser of posts to come. Like how it took us 10 hours to get from Wang to Brisbane on Thursday; and how, instead of going to Mum's 60th, Hubs spent 8 hours in the Redcliffe Emergency Department with Chanbe on Saturday (he's fine); and how I felt mothers guilt, wifeys guilt and daughters guilt, all in the same day!

So, lots to come when I have a moment. In the mean time, I have a few houses to look at in Townsville! Exciting!

10 things you may not know about Wifey

Sunday, October 7, 2012

1. I take my seatbelt off when I'm reversing the car

2. I subconsciously count things in my head all day long (steps, words, whatever)

3. I can't keep my own secrets

4. I'm not as organised as everyone thinks I am (maybe I should keep that a secret!)

5. I do not keep a particularly tidy or ordered house - this is a big thing for me that I really want to work on in our new house next year

6. I seek out reverse parallel parks - I freakin' love them (and am totally awesome at them. Seatbelt off.)

7. I feel guilty every time I drop Chanbe off at childcare

8. I don't put sugar in my tea or coffee (hey, they can't all be winners!)

9. When I was a kid (and up until I was 19) I wanted to be either a childcare worker or a teacher. (So glad that didn't happen - I think I would make a terrible teacher)

10. I eat my dinner fast because I don't like it to get cold. I hate eating cold food.

Nothing earth-shattering, but maybe you know more about me today than you did yesterday :-)


Friday, October 5, 2012

This week has been a nightmare a shocker challenging on many levels.

Level 1 - Chanbe has been waking up at 5:30am. Shocker. Hubs and I are NOT morning people, and an early morning for us is 7am. 5:30? Not cool. I am hoping it's just a phase, though, with daylight savings starting this weekend, and us going to Queensland for a week from next Friday, I feel there will be a few weeks of disrupted sleep. Oh, and the whole moving interstate thing in 6 weeks time - yeah, that's going to be completely hassle-free!

Level 2 - Even though Chanbe is still 7 weeks away from his 2nd birthday, I feel he has already turned a corner into the "terrible twos". I really hate that expression though, because you're just really setting yourself for disaster. I prefer to use our friend's expression, the "terrific twos". I like the positivity that implies, and even though some days may be terrible, I like to think there is more terrific involved in this age group. Plus I think Chanbe is pretty darn terrific :-)

Level 3 - Hormones hormones hormones. I have been super emotional and a bit of a mess for a few days now, and the tears have flowed on more than one occasion. Not only this, but with all the relaxin floating around my body, my muscles have been particularly achy lately, and I've had sciatica pain and pregnancy-related tennis elbow. Have you ever had tennis elbow? It is not a pleasant experience, especially when you can't take anti-inflammatories for it.

So all in all, these things have made for a very cranky Wifey. Thankfully, I have a very awesome Hubsband who has been taking extra special care of me this week. I cannot tell you how much he has saved me these last few days, and it just makes me feel so grateful that I have found a partner who will always do whatever he can to make my life happier. And today, I am happier. Which is good, since I'll be solo parenting again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

My highland goat (e-oat e-oat)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anyone remember that song from their childhood? No? Just me? Oh well. I had it playing in my head one sunny afternoon last week when we were invited to our friend's farm to visit some baby goats. When I say baby goats, I mean baby goats. 4 of them were less than 24 hours old! I cannot tell you how much I love living in the country. I mean, where else would you get a phone call on a Wednesday afternoon, inviting you to give baby goats a cuddle and a pat?

They were way too cute for words, and Chanbe just adored them! 

He was so gentle with them and kept wanting to give them cuddles. 
He's going to be such a good big brother :-)


Spring time bubbles

Monday, October 1, 2012

We are currently spending as much time outside, when the weather permits. It's finally nice enough to pick flowers:

And do a spot of (much needed) mowing:

And get into some serious bubble blowing:

I love love love spring :-)