#098 - Compliment a stranger...

Friday, June 28, 2013

... on what they are wearing if I like it.

This is part of my challenge to complete 101 things in 1001 days. 
See my full list here, and the inspiration behind the 101 things in 1001 days challenge here.

So she wasn't exactly a stranger, but I had just met her. I have started attending a different playgroup, and a Mum I hadn't met before was there and she was wearing a really pretty top. I thought "I really should say something" and if it weren't for my 101 in 1001 days, it probably would have stayed as just a thought. So I looked for an opportunity to tell her. Then I got nervous. I told myself "I can do it another day with someone else" but realised I was making dumb excuses. So I just jumped in.

"I really like your top. It's a lovely colour!"

She looked a bit taken aback but seemed to really appreciate the compliment. She told me where she had bought it (MYER) and she wasn't sure if it suited her (which I assured her it did) and we talked for a couple more minutes about nothing much. It felt good!

#036 - Go to the Harvey Ranges with Mum

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is part of my challenge to complete 101 things in 1001 days. 
See my full list here, and the inspiration behind the 101 things in 1001 days challenge here.

While Mum was visiting, we headed up to the Harvey Ranges Heritage Tea Rooms to check out their High Tea. Unfortunately we needed to give a week's notice for High Tea, so instead we just ordered off the menu. We'll try for a High Tea somewhere else sometime!

There were quite a few people there for a mid-week, non-school holidays time of year, (not that you can tell from the photos!) and it gave the place extra atmosphere. It had a really lovely feel to it, with an old, rustic house, and seating among lovely shady trees.

It was a really nice place to spend some quality mother/daughter/granddaughter time, and just from the look and feel of the place, I was already saying I'd love to bring Hubs and Chanbe here sometime, as well as out-of-town guests.

We ordered some scones and a focaccia to share, and of course a couple of coffees, and waited in the beautiful surrounds.

The food and drinks arrived, and this is where things started to go a bit downhill. The coffee was so incredibly weak, it was like they put only a trickle of espresso in, so I went back and asked for an extra shot. Even with that, it was barely passable as "coffee" instead of "slightly coffee flavoured milk".

The focaccia was certainly forgettable, as was the dressing-soaked salad on the side. And the scones. The scones weren't sconny at all. They were like slabs of cake-like-stuff that just tasted like nothing much at all. And they were ridiculously huge. Not dainty or light and fluffy or special at all.

So I'm not sure I'll be heading back anytime soon, which is such a shame. Obviously we still had a lovely time, but that was more about the place and the company, and not much to do with the food and drink.


This place has SO MUCH potential, but there's just no heart. Maybe that's why this sign was up.


I feel like they've already sold the place - like they're just killing time and don't have to try hard or impress anyone. My imagination went straight to "Hubs and I would be so great at running a place like this!" I could make (awesome) scones in the morning, make (delicious) coffees all day, and bake (yummy) treats in the evenings. That would be so cool. Maybe one day...

When your toddler gives you lemons

It was one of those days. Chanbe and I just weren't on the same page. There were tantrums (his) and tears (mine), negotiations and bribes. Finally, when the weather cleared up a bit, we took it outside. Quinn was asleep, so he had me all to himself. It was the best idea I'd had all day.

I brought some soothing supplies:

And had a lovely view of my lovely son showing me some "big jumps" off the rocks in our backyard.

Once I had painted my toenails, Chanbe wanted in on the girly time as well.
"It's very pretty" said Chanbe.

"Don't tell Dadda" said I.

Then it was time for some "big kicks". The sun was shining, and finally we had made some sweet sweet lemonade.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Yesterday was a big day around here, with Hubs turning 22! Well, that's what he'd like everyone to believe anyway. At least we know he'll always be young at heart!

It was a bit of a present frenzy, as I went a little crazy with lots of ideas over the last few months, and they kind of accumulated a bit!

I will do a photo run-down of the presents in the next few days, but in the meantime, here is the "menu" I gave Hubs in the morning, with clues to what his presents were. Like I said, there were a few!

  • The Doctor is in
  • A long cuddle
  • Pot of gold
  • A collection starter
  • Just in case
  • Instructions
  • A puzzling link
  • Go go Gadget _______
  • Rusky business
And there were a couple more "bonus" things that didn't make the list. I think next year he'll just be getting a card! Hee hee. (Just kidding Hubs!)

My happy little vegemite

This is my little girl. "She's very happy" as Chanbe would say. He says it all the time, because my little Quinn is happy a lot. She hardly ever cries - usually only when she's really hungry, is about to vomit, or if Chanbe donks her on the head with one of his Matchbox cars. Even then, it's gotta be a pretty big donk.

She goes to bed happy and puts herself to sleep sucking her thumb.

She wakes up happy, talking to herself and playing with the blanket.

She loves her big brother, and he was the first person to make her laugh, just yesterday. It was the most lovely sound in the world. Her face lights up when Chanbe is playing with her, and she smiles when he gives her a big cuddle and a big kiss, which is often.

She smiles when she sees her Dadda's face when he comes home from work, and grabs onto those dreads as tight as she can. That makes Dadda smile. A lot.

And all day long, she smiles at her Mama. My heart just bursts a thousand times a day and I feel like the luckiest gal in the world.

When laziness comes back to bite you in the butt

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's been on my to-do list for months.

- Register for Celebrant Ongoing Professional Development

I finally decided to look it up today and it took no more than 3 minutes to discover that there is an OPD session being held in Townsville TODAY starting at 9:30am. It was 9:44am when I found out. I thought maybe I could just turn up! But then I remembered Mum took Chanbe to the Aquarium this morning, so no car. (Did I mention Mum is visiting?)

Had I looked it up yesterday, there would only be a teeny tiny chance that I would have been able to enrol so late, but still, I think I'd be feeling a little less cheesed off with myself right now. It would have been such a great opportunity to meet other celebrants in Townsville, and to get an idea of which association would be a good one to join. And Mum just happens to be here right now, which would have been perfect. I really need to just get over it.

So after more looking around, it looks like I've missed all 3 sessions that have been held up here this year, and there are no more coming up. So I just ordered my ebooks online. Not exactly the most exciting way to complete my OPD, but maybe it will remind me to get my act together a bit earlier next year. Wherever we will be!

Get shorty

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I had been growing my hair long for a while, but all I ever really did was wear it up. Except of course, in this photo I wanted to use:

And then I got over it. Hubs gave me a 5 trip pamper voucher for mothers day (among other things!) and one of the trips was a visit with a hair stylist, and a hair cut. She really chopped a lot off!

It wasn't really what I asked for, which was a repeat of this hair cut I got a few years ago that I LOVED:

(of course I'm eating in both shots. Hubs likes to sneak up on me like that!!)

But I'm liking it more and more every day. Ready for a dodgy self portrait?

And obviously it's going to get a lot shorter, as per #015 of my 101 in 1001 days!

A day in the life

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hubs: "This cream smells like fart."

Wifey: "Huh?"

Hubs: "Did you fart in it before you put the lid on?"

Wifey: "Yeah. That's what I did."

Who needs a TV when you have entertainment like this at your disposal?

Progress update

I kicked off my 101 in 1001 this week, and already have a few things started:

  • I'm currently completing my 3rd week of the Couch 2 5k program and it's going quite well (001)
  • I have been making a conscious effort to think something positive about myself every day. A few examples: I don't cringe when I look in the mirror; "you're looking good today!" "That hair cut really suits you!" And I gave myself a mental high five last night when I went for my run and felt great after it. I think it has improved my self esteem already, so look out for Wifey in 1001 days!! (032)
  • I have so far worn 2 different pieces of jewellery from my "archives" :-) (041)
Nothing mind-blowing or completed as yet, but it's early days!

Mum is arriving tomorrow for a couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to a bit more sleep and some chats over coffee. And hopefully ticking a few things off my list!

New stuff on the blog & Day 1

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today is day 1 of my 101 in 1001 days challenge - go and check out my list! I'm so excited to start this challenge, that I want to get everything done NOW! But clearly, that's not the point. I really don't know which one I'll be crossing off first, or last for that matter, but I'm super keen to jump right in.

The other new thing is a "Who is Wifey" link. This is something I was saving for  the launch of my "new blog" (one of the things on my list!) but I realise that could still be a little ways off, so if I can't be with the blog I love, why not love the blog I'm with. Ha! Girl's on fire!

One of the things on today's "to do" list is to vacuum and mop the floors, and since I just spent the last hour with my friend who just "popped in" for a visit (I LOVE a good pop-in!!) I'd really better get started.

And since it's been a little while, here's a fix for you all: