With grand and great-grand parents

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chance has been getting lots of cuddles from everyone since we arrived, especially from his:

Gran and Grumpy (actually, this was taken while we were still in hospital in Wang!):

And from his Ouma (how much has he grown!!??):

And his Poppy:

And Nanna:

And Nanny and Grandpa:

And Nan

I'm so glad that our little boy will never be deprived of love and cuddles from our family. And I promise that I'll get back to blogging about other things as well as Chance. Maybe. Some day :-)

Wedding number 3

Monday, December 27, 2010

On Sunday the 19th December, I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of 2 new friends of ours. You may remember this wedding - well, the wedding last Sunday involved Nathan's brother Pete, and it was a truly wonderful occasion. The wedding was held at Emily's (the bride) aunt and uncle's old B&B come holiday home in Trentham, Victoria. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too crash hot - freezing cold and rainy - but that didn't dampen the mood in any way. We had a wet weather plan, but ended up being able to have the ceremony outside in the courtyard and it went splendidly, despite being only about 12 degrees!!

Hubs took care of Chance during the ceremony, and it was lovely to see their faces amongst the crowd, even if it was only from time to time! It really was a lovely ceremony, and Pete & Em decided to self-cater which gave the day a lovely family feel. Oh, and the desserts were awesome! (And look at the scenery behind the house!)

We all had a great day and spent the night before and after at this gorgeous holiday home in Blackwood - we could have happily stayed there another week, just enjoying the surrounds, watching DVDs and enjoying good company. And thank goodness for the fireplace! I believe it got down to 6 degrees overnight. I don't think Mother Nature got the memo that IT'S DECEMBER!!!!!!

Congrats Pete & Em!! And here's a lovely little family pic from the day (and yes, our son is going cross-eyed. Focusing is hard at this age!!)

Rain rain, go away...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We've been in Brisvegas since last Monday and it has rained every day. The only good thing about this is that it's been surprisingly cool for this time of year so the humidity hasn't knocked me around too much. We've been having a really great time catching up with family and friends, but it's now time to catch our breath, so we're laying low for a few days. This means watching the cricket (1st day of the Boxing Test = embarrassing), eating Christmas leftovers, and having lots of baby snuggle time.

In the next few days/weeks I will be attempting to blog about the following:
- Hubs going fly fishing with Dad and catching 2 fish
- Our few days in Melbourne
- The wedding in Trentham
- Our trip up to Brisbane
- Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
and whatever else tickles my fancy.

For the time being though, I'm going to check my google reader and see what's been happening while I've been sitting around, staring lovingly at my boys.

Just cos I can...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chance is currently very unsettled. I should probably go and offer to help Hubs....
This was taken about a week ago, when he was very settled. :-)

So much to do

Saturday, December 11, 2010

We leave for Melbourne on Tuesday and there seems to be so much to do before we go. Actually, we only have a to do list of 4 things, but when you have a newborn, even finding 15 minutes to clean the kitchen is a challenge! I really didn't understand that before - how new parents don't even have 2 minutes spare to answer a text. I mean, come on! It's 2 minutes! But really, it's thinking about it at the right time, knowing where your phone is, remembering who it is you're supposed to be texting, and then hearing the baby cry, changing a nappy, doing a feed, settling him again and finding something else you've neglected, completely forgetting about that damn text you were going to send 2 hours earlier!! Ha ha. I'm not even kidding...

So we're just going with it at the moment; embracing the fact that Chance has no routine and that no 2 days are the same. We're super excited about catching up with friends and family in Melbourne, and then I'm conducting a wedding for friends tomorrow week, then we'll be on the plane Monday to Brisbane!!! And then I'm just going to collapse in a heap :-) Crazy to think that we were going through the same thing this time last year, without the baby. And that was busy enough!

Anyway, here's another photo to keep you all in suspense....


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hubs on the 30th of Movember (or it may have been the 1st or 2nd of December... whatevs...)

Hee hee! So funny... Until next year, it's over-and-out from Movember land.

My boys

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I have so much love for these 2 boys, I'm about to burst.

My life is a cliche

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I've started writing this post half a dozen times and it never seems quite right, so I'm just going to dive in and see what eventuates. In case you missed the news, I gave birth to a little baby boy, Chance Harry, 10 days ago, and ever since then, I've just been living in cliche world. I don't know why, but I thought I'd be the exception to many of the "rules" of parenting in the early days. But no. I'm just like everyone else. Let me give you some examples of the thoughts and feelings that have been going on inside my head:

- I've used the term "they don't call it labour for nothing you know" more than once. So cliche.

- I was told on day one to expect the "three day blues" on day three and, still being pumped up on adrenaline and hormones, I was all like "naaaaah, that won't happen to me! Look at me! I'm fine! I love being a Mum. How could I possibly get the blues??" Almost to the hour, the three day blues struck me down and I've been crying on and off every couple of days since. Fun! And so cliche.

- For the first 2 days after we got home, I had to check on Chance every 2 minutes. My friend sent me an email (you know who you are) saying he bets that's what I'd be doing and he was right. Dammit!!! And how did he know? Cos that's what every new parent does. So cliche.

- I think I have the cutest, most beautiful baby in the world and I can lose an hour just watching him sleep. So cliche.

- The house looks like a bomb hit it. I don't know why, but I thought I'd avoid a lot of the chaos of bringing a new baby home. Gosh I was really and truly kidding myself on that one. So cliche.

- I'm convinced that Chance smiles at us and that he's not simply passing wind. So cliche.

So there you have it. I finally understand what parents mean when they say "it's different when it's your own kid." I used to feel sorry for mums who had to duck out to change their baby's nappy or breastfeed or console their crying baby, but now I get it. It's not a chore - it's an absolute honour. Now I get it - your priorities do change. Now I get it - Hubs and I are just loving being parents and everything that comes with it. I know it's early days, and we have already had a couple of really rough nights, but all I need to do is look into our baby's eyes and know how blessed we are, and know that no matter what, everything will be okay cos we are a part of an amazing family.

So cliche. And loving it.

Its a boy! (guest post by hubs)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a short note to send some pics, mum and bub doing great!

A puzzling thing

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I bought a puzzle for Mum a while ago that I thought we could do together when she was down here in July. Obviously we were too busy buying furniture and playing house to do the puzzle, so I whipped it out a couple of weeks ago and the 4 of us got to work on it. I had fun sorting out all the side pieces from the guts - the corners are especially fun to find, aren't they!? Then I put the frame together. I may or may not have lost a bit of interest for a while after that...

We all had a go at it one afternoon and it started to take shape.

And this is where Hubs and Mum's enthusiasm kicked in! They really got stuck into it. This is, of course, after Dad and I "sorted" the pieces by colour! :-) (That's our story and we're sticking to it!!) Can you see what it is slowly becoming?*

And I believe this is about how we left it last, though, it looks like Mum and Dad have done a bit more on it on the side...

Once all the fun stuff was done, and only the sky was left, Hubs all of a sudden found other fun things to do! Ha ha. I'm sure we'll finish it off in the next few days, if Mum and Dad haven't already!

*For those playing at home, it's the Arc de Triomphe

Keeping occupied

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So while we play the waiting game, Mum and Dad and I have been getting out and about (while poor poor Hubs is stuck doing work - make sure you give him lots of sympathy for his very very hard life! I love you honey!! :-) We headed out to Mt Beauty and Bright on Saturday and had a lovely time visiting wineries and breweries. Oh yes, those lemon, lime and bitters sure were something else! Obviously I let Dad do the beer tasting (okay okay, I had a couple of little sips) and Mum partook in a glass of wine. It was nice being out and about, and they even took me on a few bumpy roads to try and "start things off". Alas, to no avail.

Dad with the first lot of tastings at Sweetwater - this was actually quite disappointing as the beers were mostly flat and not very cold. But if it makes a good story...

Next up, Dad tried a spot of fly fishing

But only managed to catch a couple of foxy ladies ;-)

We then stumbled upon the Bright Brewery - this was much more impressive, with better beers (on tap) and a sampler tray with tasting notes. Mum took over driving after this place... 

We had a lovely day out and about, listening to old road trip tapes (The Bushwackers, Bullamakanka, Supertramp, Pink Floyd) and with Dad falling asleep in the back of the car on the way home. The weather was glorious and the company, wonderful as always. Hopefully Hubs will have time to join us on the next trip!

Movember - Week 3

Monday, November 22, 2010

The mo and chops are still growing strong - I could get used to this! (or not...) Thanks for the sponsorship!

The Due Date

Today is my due date, which, in pregnancy terms means diddly-squat since only 5% of babies are born on their due date. But you just never know. There's still 13 hours left in the day. I'm still fairly comfortable in general, though it's going to be 31 degrees every day this week which may test my patience a little I'm sure. I do feel as though I've gotten to the "okay I'm ready now" phase without quite being at the "ohmygoodness-get-this-thing-out-of-my-belly" phase. The thing I keep thinking about is that the longer he/she stays in residence at casa de Mamafoot, he/she is getting bigger. And as many of you know, Hubs and I aren't the shortest of people (don't even get me started on our brothers who both stand 6 foot 6 inches!!) so it wouldn't at all surprise me if Littlefoot comes out 3 feet tall with a boot size of 10. Hey! I've felt those kicks!!

So in answer to your texts and emails and phone calls and comments (thanks so much for the love!) no, we don't have an outside baby as yet. But we are ready...

Deviating from the menu

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I usually order from the menu. I understand that when a chef puts a menu together, they do so with a lot of care and there are reasons for putting different foods and flavours together. Particularly at fancy-pants places, I don't like to mess with that. At cafes, however, I figure they run from a pretty stock-standard menu, so I don't mind asking for something a little different. For example, at one of my favourite cafes in Wang, Espresso on Ovens, one of the breakfast menu items is toasted pumpkin bread topped with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. So the first time I ordered it, I asked if I could have a poached egg on top. Their response? No problem! And my goodness it was SO GOOOOOOOD.

The next time I went there, only a few weeks later, I asked for the same. It was a different person this time and I think it was just a little beyond them, as an order of poached eggs on toast came out, and we told them we didn't order poached eggs, then my order came out without the poached egg on top. Hmmmm.....

I'm just saying - they're in the hospitality industry. Their job is to take orders and bring out food. It's not rocket surgery people! Is it rude to ask for something a bit different to what is on the menu? Being the paying customer, do I get to choose what is specifically cooked for me? I don't like to be a pain, but when I'm eating out and paying good money (well, money) for it, I want to know that I'm getting the best possible meal combination I can.

We've encountered this problem with coffees as well. Lately we've been ordering iced coffees and I don't like cream on my iced coffee, (but if they want to put extra ice cream on top, I'm really okay with that.) Hubs on the other hand, likes a bit of iced coffee with his cream, and gets a bit disappointed when, after I've asked for mine with no cream, his comes out with no cream too. Do we have to actually check that that they understand 1 with cream and 1 without? Like I said, they are in the hospitality industry. It's their job to take and bring out the correct order.

Clearly I have too much privilege and time on my hands right now :-)

Technology can be a bitch

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So as you know, I've had my run-ins with various technological gadgets and gizmos, with mixed results. I think I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to trying new programs, e.g. for our music and photos, and if I'm shown how to use something once or twice (sometimes 3 or 4 times) I can usually pick it up pretty easily. And out of all the gadgets in my life that were going to be the next to potentially cause me grief, the last thing I expected it to be was my mobile phone.

I like my phone. It's a slidey Nokia that I acquired off Hubs when I gave him the iPhone I got with my plan 2 years ago. I didn't think I had much need for an iPhone and I knew Hubs really wanted one, so we swapped. This phone has been so good to me. I can use it with my eyes closed it's so simple.

So yesterday I decided, for some reason, (maybe cos I have all this time on my hands) to make my phone more "adult", particularly my contacts list. Instead of having contact names like "Hubs Mob" or separating "Mum & Dad Mob" and "Mum and Dad Home" I grouped all the numbers together and got rid of duplicates. I also changed names like "Erika Med" (hello!!!) to her full name, and for some people, if I thought I would wonder in a few months who on earth they were, I put a little note with their contact. Like for our Real Estate agent, I put "Real Estate" in her notes section. I also made sure all the mobile numbers were listed as mobile numbers, and home numbers as such. It took about 2 hours all up and I was so happy with my work.

As I was going to bed last night, I thought about how all my contacts are stored on my phone, and how if I lost my phone, the contacts would be lost too. So I decided to move them over to my sim card instead, as Optus backs up your sim card for you on their database so if you lose your phone, you don't lose your data. Great idea right? RIGHT??? Wrong.

What I should have done is told Hubs what I was about to do and he would have said "sim cards can only hold 1 number for each contact so if you do that, it will split them all up again." Why oh WHY did I not tell Hubs I was about to be clever and do this! I pressed "OK" thinking I was so clever, only to be horrified 5 minutes later when I browsed through my contacts. Instead of having, for example "Mum & Dad" I had "Mum & Dad1", "Mum & Dad2" and that was for everyone with more than 1 contact detail, including the notes. All the mobile phone numbers had been changed to general numbers. All my notes were attached to contacts separately. I just couldn't believe all my hard work had been tossed out the window.

In my despair I told Hubs I wanted a new phone. This may have been a little over-dramatic, but it was late and I was annoyed. I think the worse thing about this situation is that I thought I was being really clever, you know? I thought I was making my life easier. I should have known better.

Technology 1, Wifey 0.

Self portraits, belly shots, and new hair

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I decided to get my hair done last week, since I won't have a lot of free time once Littlefoot joins us in the outside world. I haven't dyed my hair in almost 18 months, and was in need of a bit of a cut, so I got the works done. And I feel like a million bucks! I found a great hairdresser who uses natural hair dyes with no amonia, and who did exactly what I asked for and didn't charge an absolute fortune - they are just so hard to find! I'll certainly be going back to her (eventually). I think it's hilarious that It's only taken me 30 years (okay, 15 years of actually trying) to find a hair style that I really like and that I know pretty much exactly what to ask for when I walk into a hair salon. Getting the hairdresser to actually do what you ask for is another thing, so that's why I was so excited about this one!

I also decided to try my hand at some self-portrait belly shots - this is harder than it looks! I got a couple of okay ones, but would like to practice the whole self-portrait thing a bit more and learn how to frame a bit better. Oh, and a nice mirror would actually help I'm sure. The first 2 are my attempts. The next 2 are the belly shots Hubs took of me just before we went out to dinner with Mum and Dad at Rinaldo's (delish!!) last week.

From the front

And the side

From up high

And down low (too slow! ha ha ha ha)

We're really enjoying using our new camera. It's a sony something-or-other and it's great for not only pointing and shooting (my kind of photography) but you (read: Hubs) can do lots of other cool things with it as well. I'm sure I'll be able to explain what those things are some day, but for the time being, I'm just happy to use it in auto mode, much to Hubs' horror! Hee hee!

Movember - week 2

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hubs' Mo is coming along quite nicely, as you can see! My Mum bought him the shirt - funny! Don't forget you can sponsor Hubs here.

A wife of my own

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mum and Dad have been here for a week now and it's so lovely having them around. We've been hanging out at their place in the evenings which means I can just relax and not be looking around thinking "I really should be doing insert jobs here." I really do liken it to having a wifey of my very own! Mum and Dad have been cooking for us each night and topping up my juice and mineral water and making sure I'm comfy.  

"Would you like to have a nap?"
"Are you hungry? 
"Can I get you anything?"

Aaaaaaah bliss! It's nice to be spoilt like this I must say. And I'm taking everyone's advice about getting plenty of sleep and rest while I can. Mum and I have been hanging out at our place during the day, getting things ready and just pottering around. Poor Hubs has to go to work every day while we stay at home, baking and resting. Though, he does benefit from the baking, so it's not all bad for him! Last week we made a yummy orange and polenta cake - there will be an encore this week - and today we're making a pudding for dessert tonight, and I've just made a batch of home-made Kahlua. I do like this whole "lady of leisure" thing!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending emails and texts wishing us luck for the birth - you're all very kind and it's lovely to have all this support. And of course, everyone will be informed when the big day arrives!

Baby swap meet

Friday, November 12, 2010

No, this was not an opportunity to swap your baby for someone else's (Hubs). It was actually a Baby Bazaar but Hubs referred to it as a swap meet. Friends of ours, whose baby is due 2 weeks after Littlefoot, told us about this event so we went along with them last Saturday. And it was so great! A whole lot of pre-loved baby stuff in excellent condition at excellent prices! And the best thing is, they hold it every 3 months, so you don't have to "stock up" on stuff that you won't need for another 6 months cos it'll be there next time you go!

They had everything from cots, prams, change tables and high chairs, to baby clothes, wraps and toys, to maternity wear and books. We spent a bit of time wandering around and then made a few purchases - I bought some maternity tops for $4 and $5 each and Baby Love - a book that was highly recommended to me which I've been looking for, second-hand, for a while. $5!! BARGAIN! And for Hubs we bought a pirate bean bag and a wooden block puzzle. Actually, the puzzle was free cos there's a piece missing, which is funny as it's an alphabet puzzle. So Littlefoot will grow up wondering about this letter "G" that everyone is talking about. :-) Luckily the names we have chosen don't contain that letter. Hee hee! How's that for a useless hint for you!

So we spent a bit over an hour there and met up with another couple and their 6-month-old boy who were friends of our friends. We then went to lunch all together and had a great time.

Hubs wanted to take a photo of me on this bench, so how could I say no?

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to head home via the Beechworth Celtic Festival. The weather really was amazing and warm so we had some delicious ice cream and a nice wander around. (This was after we'd eaten most of it.)

There was some Irish music and dancing, to be sure

And of course, a Pipe Band - they were awesome!! 

Update: our friends due 2 weeks after Littlefoot had a baby boy at 3am this morning! I believe everything is going well - can't wait to meet the little guy!

Here comes the bride

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is a very late post about a beautiful wedding that I was lucky enough to officiate way back in April. It was my first wedding and I couldn't have been happier that I was performing the ceremony for our 2 friends, Nathan and Cal. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous leading up to the day, and the night before I had not one but two nightmares that I couldn't get to the ceremony!

We arrived at the venue over an hour before the start time, just so that I felt nice and organised. When I started to get ridiculously nervous, I reminded myself that it wasn't about me. That the day was all about Nathan and Cal, and that I was just there as a helper. This made me relax a whole lot and I really started enjoying myself - getting things ready, and chatting to other friends who were there.

I love weddings. I know I have mentioned this before, but I really do. They are one of the happiest occasions in a couple's life and I always feel so priveleged when I am a part of someone's special day as a guest. But to be a Celebrant at a wedding is a whole new honour. Nathan and Cal wrote their own vows which were just beautiful, and I really felt blessed to be a part of it all.

Getting everything in order before the big arrival

With the lovely couple

(I don't know who was more nervous - them or me!!)

Wifey shmoozing with guests after the ceremony

Nathan and Cal rocking out on the dance floor

When we first started planning the wedding I said something along the lines of "this will be my first wedding - I've never done this before" (which they already knew) to which they replied "well we've never done this before either so we're in the same boat." I'm so glad my first wedding was for a couple I knew well - it certainly helped with the nerves! Thanks Nathan and Cal!

I have done one other wedding since then that I'll blog about separately, and I have one booked in for the 19th of December as well. Littlefoot will be very little indeed at that one, but I'm sure everything will come together nicely. I'm really looking forward to building up my business in the next few years!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Hubs started talking about participating in Movember this year, I was a little hesitant, knowing that our baby is due in November, which means his first photos with his first son/daughter would be filled with whiskers. But who am I to get in the way of a good cause!? The hospital where he is based has put a team together, so if you would like to sponsor Hubs or the team, you can go to their site here.

This is a week into Movember and Hubs is going for the handlebars + mutton chops look, or as Hubs likes to call it, "The Trucker". You likey?

The trick will be to participate in Movember every year, so each year Junior can have photos of his/her crazy Dad with his crazy Mo!

Our mammoth weekend - day 6

I've decided to include Tuesday in our weekend as it was a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup. After dragging ourselves out of bed around 10am, I whipped up a batch of double choc-chip cupcakes. We had arranged to meet our friends Maddie, Jade and their son Rupert for a bbq lunch down at Merriwa Park. It was quite a nice sunny day but ended up being a bit chilly when we got there. We had a lovely time playing with Rupert and talking about baby stuff and labour and all things along those lines. It was such a great end to an amazing few days!

The next day I had an antenatal check-up and my doctor took one look at me and told me I looked exhausted. And I really really was. I got home around 11am and crashed til after 2.

It was totally worth it though.

Wifey at 37.5 weeks

And that was almost a week ago!...

Our mammoth long weekend - days 4 & 5

Monday, November 8, 2010

At 8am the alarm sounded and up we got. Well, up I got. Hubs had a little extra sleep while I showered and started getting ready. We had my Dad's famous scrambled eggs with the works (speck, mushrooms, parsley, cheese, onion... anything else, Dad???) and some lovely strong coffee to start our day. We then packed madly (as is always the way!) and headed over to Hubs' Mum's place to say goodbye. Our flight left on time (10:50am) and arrived in Avalon just after 2pm Melbourne time (daylight savings is a bitch coming home!) As we were making our descent into Avalon, the pilot informed us that it was cloudy and 15 degrees. Wha?.... We just spent 3 days in 25 degree sunshine! Don't do this to us!!

As we stepped off the plane, we knew we were home. It was cold and windy and gross :-) We jumped in the kombi and began the hour-long journey back in to town. I knew my cousin was down in Melbourne for the races, so I thought I'd see if she was free for a coffee, and luckily for us she was. We met her in town and had some great quality time with her which was just such a bonus.

We were talking about arranging to go out to dinner with some other friends, but when I rang our friends who we were staying with (same people as Thursday night) and they mentioned they were cooking a lamb roast, our minds were made up. But we still hadn't hit the wall! We had a lovely evening with them and slept very well that night.

We didn't set the alarm for the next morning but the trams woke us up at a very respectable 9am. We had a lovely breakfast with Liza and the boys and plotted our journey for the day - we've been looking for centre seats for the kombi for a few months now and Hubs had phoned a couple of wreckers on the (deep) south side of town so we left around 10:45am to go and check them out and hope for the best! It took AGES - we arrived after midday! I think we only went about 35km but that takes a long time in Melbourne traffic. As we drove into the wreckers, another gentleman pulled up and he got chatting to Hubs. He asked what we were looking for, for the kombi and when Hubs said centre seats, he said that we probably wouldn't find any at the wreckers as he is there every week and hadn't seen any. BUT he had some at his place which was just around the corner. He gave us his address and we parted ways.

I thought it was a bit weird but Hubs wasn't the least bit suspicious. Of course we didn't find any in the wrecking yard (didn't even find any kombis, even though we were told there were 1 or 2 in the yard!!). We thought, since we had come all this way, we would take a gamble and check out this guy's offer. And sure enough, he had exactly what we were looking for, in the right condition at the right price.

What are the odds of this chance meeting? Seriously! 5 minutes either way and this wouldn't have happened. This was definitely a God moment. We then popped in to say hi to Hubs' aunt and cousin on our way home and were back on the Hume highway around 4:30pm. On our way home we arranged for some friends who were up in Wang from Melbourne for the races the next day, to come on over around 8pm for dessert. We just couldn't help ourselves!! We arrived home and Hubs went to pick them up as I made some delish blueberry pancakes and we had a lovely evening with them.

And if you think that was the end of our mammoth weekend, you're wrong. We still had 1 more day to go...

Our mammoth long weekend - day 3

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday morning my body clock woke me up at 6:30am (7:30am Victoria time) and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fall asleep again. So at 7:30am I decided to stop trying and got up and leisurely got ready for my 9am doctor's appointment. Being almost 37 weeks pregnant at the time, I had to get a letter from a doctor 24 hours before my flight, saying I was fit to fly. I decided to get there a bit early (8:35am) in the hope that I could get in a bit earlier, but didn't end up going in til 9:05!! Oh well You win some you lose some. After stopping at the shops I headed home and woke Hubs up (lucky bugger) and had some yummy leftovers for brekky. We then started welcoming friends and family whom Mum and I had invited over for the morning. It turned out to be only about a dozen people who arrived and left at all different times so it was really nice to catch up with them.

During all of this, my gorgeous cousins agreed to do my hair for me for the wedding:

And, well, I don't mean to brag, but as usual I think Hubs and I scrub up okay :-)

The wedding was absolutely wonderful, and, as I suspected, I needed the waterproof mascara and extra tissues. The service was very traditional and similar to ours, so it was lovely to re-live the vows Hubs and I exchanged in the same place a few years ago. Jess, the bride, looked absolutely stunning, and Matt, the groom, was wearing the biggest, widest grin you could imagine. It was a very personal service that really suited them both and I'm so glad Hubs and I could be there to share it with them.

After the ceremony, we had over 3 hours to kill so we decided on the spur of the moment to head out to our friend's place in Zilmere (about half an hour north of the CBD), as he was having his 30th birthday party. We turned up as a surprise and it was really nice catching up with them. The party hadn't officially started so we had them mostly to ourselves for a little while.

We then headed back in to town for the reception and were delighted at the table we had been seated at - we met some lovely new people and shared good conversation accompanied by good food and (just a little) good wine. Matt & Jess had hired the same DJ that we had at our wedding, (from our recommendation) so we said hi to him and he remembered us which was really nice. They even played our wedding song during dinner (more tears) which was lovely. 

Jess and Matt's first dance together as Hubs and Wifey

Then it was time for us to hit the dance floor, and, as I already mentioned, we hit it HARD! Hubs was in fine form, pulling out The Robot and a good AC/DC head-bang. I couldn't pull out my usual moves with my extra cargo, but still had my moments! Alas, all good weddings must come to an end, so at 11:45pm the bride and groom bid us adieu and we headed to the car. As we took off, Hubs looked at me, and I looked at him and we knew what each other was thinking. (Don't be rude.) Our friends were having a Halloween Party out at Arana Hills (about 15 min from CBD) that night, so we gave them a call to see if they were still kicking on. And sure enough, they were!! So we headed out there and caught up with 4 really good friends of ours (including 2 of Hubs' groomsmen!)

I truly don't know where all the energy was coming from but it just didn't stop! At 2am though, it was time to head home and I was pretty happy to crash into bed at 2:30. A full 20 hours of being awake, and one of the best/most fun/memorable days EVER! I begrudgingly set the alarm for 8am the "next morning" and drifted off into a deeeeeep sleeeeeeep...

Our mammoth long weekend - days 1 & 2

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well it's a good thing I have all this energy at the moment, as the 6-day-weekend we just had was not for the faint-hearted! It began on Thursday when we drove the kombi from Wang to Melbourne just after lunch, arriving around afternoon tea time to catch up with the staff at Newman College. It was really nice to see everyone and catch up on all their news, and to share my growing bump with them.

We then headed over to our friend's place where Hubs and our friends headed out to a photography exhibition while I looked after their 2 & 4 year old sons and their neighbour's 3 year old daughter. We had a great time in the bath (clearly that was the kids, not me) and had some dinner and then had lots of stories. I had them all in bed by 8pm and was commended for my "baby whispering"! I guess I just wore them all out with all those exciting stories!

We were up at 6am Friday for our 9am flight from Avalon. We drove the kombi to the airport hassle-free and the plane left basically on time. We arrived in Brizzie just after 10am (thanks to daylight savings) and headed over to Nanny and Grandpa's for a spot of lunch. It was lovely to see them as usual and so good to have yummy Nanny food again! And she was very happy to see us, though she couldn't help herself and told me I shouldn't be flying now that I am a "big lady". :-)

A snap from lunch:

We then headed to St Andrew's Uniting Church in town, the location of a very memorable day in December almost 3 years ago, for the wedding rehearsal for "Brisbane's Wedding of the Year". Hubs rehearsed walking the lovely bride down the aisle,

and it was a pretty typical wedding rehearsal, other than the pregnant lady sitting in the 3rd row having a little cry. Yes. At the rehearsal. You got something to say about that? I knew that the following day I would have to a) wear water-proof mascara and b) take extra tissues.

We had kept the evening plan-free just in case of a pre-wedding dinner, so when the bride and groom decided to just have a quiet night in, we arranged for Hubs' Mum, sister and kids to come on over for dinner at my parent's place. In the mean time, we hung around town for a bit and grabbed a coffee and just chilled out together. It was really lovely being back in our old stomping ground and enjoying the lovely warm weather. We were talking about who we might run in to, as is inevitable whilst in Brisbane. And sure enough, on our way to the rendezvous point to meet my Mum for our lift home, we ran into very good friends of mine and their 6 month old daughter whom I hadn't met yet!

She. Was. Divine. And her dear parents were very lucky that I'm about to pop out one of our own, or I may have run off with their little cherub. I actually had tears of joy and awe at this gorgeous little girl (seeing a hormonal pattern here people??) I simply had to get some shots with her.

The lovely Henna and the gorgeous little baby Iida

It was SO nice to see our friends and have a little catch up! We headed back to Mum and Dad's for a feast of seafood marinara and carbonara pasta and Nanny's apple pie for dessert. And of course, we had to play with the lego as well.

Lego time!

And we had to take some fun photos! Mine's the biggest!!

And our friend Ian popped over around dessert time as well, so that was another bonus! So that was the first 2 days of our awesome weekend - and they were the most restful days! So much more to come...