Chanbe's birthday party

Friday, November 29, 2013

We headed down to Townsville last weekend for Chance's 3rd birthday party and had such a great time. We had a bit of a "pirate party" theme happening and Hubs really got into the dressing up, courtesy of op-shop bargain hunting by me, and pirate Chanbe looked pretty cute too.

Here's the cake I made - I was really happy with how it turned out!


And Chanbe was pretty happy too...

Aaaaargh matey. T'was a great daaaaaay!

Chanbe turned 3 today

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My dear Chance

I love you, son. You make my heart soar. Your smile, your laugh, your cheekiness, your manners, your selective hearing at bedtime, your cuddles. You are my firstborn and you will always hold a special place in my heart that belongs only to you. Happy Birthday my sweet Chanbe-Boo.

Ingham chicken love 'em

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So it turns out Ingham Chickens aren't from Ingham. It was rather a disappointment to me, if I were to be completely honest. One that I got over very quickly, but I realised I had been making the Ingham chicken love 'em joke for a little while and well, don't I look sheepish.

Moving on.

We have internet!! Obviously. This makes me very happy. Except we don't have much internet. We have gone from 200GB of ADSL a month to 3GB of wireless. It's not pretty. I have a lot of reading to catch up on my feedly account, but I don't want to blow our data limit!!

Ingham is great. The trip here went well - I drove the land cruiser towing our dodgy trailer (Hubs calls it "agricultural"...) with the red baron on top (see below) while he drove the kombi. We both made it with no trouble. The house they (the hospital) have provided for us is really lovely. I was a bit disappointed when they told us they didn't have one of the lovely new roomy units available for us, and that they were putting us up in the older house, but as soon as we walked in the door, we knew we'd love it here.

We've just been settling in, albeit quickly, going to church the day after we arrived, and having someone over for dinner already, plus our friends came to stay for the weekend! The kids have been a bit sick on and off since we arrived, and Chanbe has been somewhat displaced and a bit challenging, but we are doing well.

We are heading down to T'ville for the weekend for Chanbe's 3rd birthday party which Mum and Dad are coming up for, and then they are coming to stay here next week which will be lovely.

As usual, I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story!!

Let's hit the road!

Chanbe was very keen to get to "Eeam" as he calls it.

The first few days were somewhat challenging. 
(FYI those books were on the shelf behind him about a minute before I took this photo...)


Chanbe has seriously been into his play-dough since we arrived. How do you like my strawberry??


This is our living room. We removed the TV on day one, just to eliminate temptation...


 My clever little munchkin!


 We try and eat our afternoon tea outside in the shade while we wait for Dadda to come home. Sometimes we wait a long time and then give up :-)


 Gotta love watermelon season!


My poor little monkeys have been sick the last few days. Chanbe actually fell asleep on the couch!!

Not that you would know he's sick most of the time...

So that's us updated for now. We haven't really gotten into any kind of routine as yet, as there have been a lot of days sleeps (them, not me :-( ) which has thrown things out of whack a bit. But I'm not really in need of routine at the moment. This is like a bit of a holiday for us, so we're just going with the flow. Because that's what you do in north Queensland ay?

And they said it couldn't be done!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And by "they" I mean the voices inside my head...


Oh man those photos make me cringe. Especially the shot of the kitchen. We were (I was) still pretty relaxed and confident at this stage. I'm not sure how, but it felt pretty damn good. 

And then...

I spent a solid 8 hours cleaning this house top to bottom, inside and out. I really hope the real estate agents are impressed, or at the very least, satisfied, because I was. Especially since I did it all with a very sore foot that turned out to be due to a stress fracture I sustained a month ago. I just didn't get around to going to the doctor until it was all finished. In return for my hard work, I got to buy a new pair of (red) shoes! It was worth it.

Another empty house. Another move. Another change. Another adventure. 
Wanna come?