Call the Waaaambulance

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The last year, as I have documented frequently on this blog, has been tough for me. This time last year I broke my foot, and that pretty much set the tone for the following 12 months. Well, I let it set the tone. I have been quite caught up in how hard my life is, except that it's not. Not really. I think when your (well-meaning) family and friends (and strangers!) tell you how hard it must be to move around so much, especially when 36 weeks pregnant; to start again in a new town; for Hubs to be starting a new job etc etc etc, it's hard not to accept the sympathy and empathy and get caught up in the drama of it all.

Hubs and I make choices, and sometimes those choices come with extra challenges, but the pay-off is worth it. We have had such wonderful experiences with each move we have made, and I can quite confidently predict that the same will be said of this move. We have already made some friends through the hospital, and  have plans for more social events coming up.

I don't want to make light of feeling overwhelmed with a new baby, but if I really think about it, I can feel those feelings and work through them and come out the other side much quicker than in the last year. I will accept help when it is offered, and I will let myself feel whatever I'm feeling, but I am also committing to focusing on the positives; to taking each day (and sometimes each hour) as it comes, and to know that, when it has taken me an hour and a half of trying to get Chanbe to go to sleep during the day, and he is still awake, that it's okay if he skips a sleep that day, and that "this too shall pass." I'm committing to less "whining" and more "beering" and "spiriting".

Onwards and upwards.

This is the story, of a lovely lady

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quinn's birth story. (G Rated. Mostly :-) )

It all started Friday lunch time, when I wasn't feeling so great, so I took myself off to the hospital to get checked out. Before I knew it, they were telling me I was having the baby that night. They wanted to induce me asap because of suspect blood results (that turned out to be probably nothing!) It was 2pm by this stage, and everything was happening very quickly. Frith, who was due to finish work that day around 4pm, came over to the birth suite and we realised that this was "it". Funnily enough, even though I was over 40 weeks, I didn't feel prepared! 

The doctors tried to break my waters, and even though they weren't entirely successful, it was enough to get me started. I was having contractions without the syntocinon drip (the fake hormone stuff they give you to induce labour) but it wasn't good enough for the doctors to be happy, so once Frith arrived after 4, they started the drip. Because I was induced with Chance as well, I knew what was coming, so by 5pm I asked for the eipdural and the anaesthetist arrived around 6pm. At 6:30pm, with Colin Hay's song "Overkill" playing in the background, the epidural was put in and relief was on the way. Or so I thought. Although it took away a lot of the pain, it wasn't a full block, and I still felt every contraction in a certain spot, so I just kept sucking on the gas. Man that's good stuff! :-)

I laboured this way for another couple of hours, and when they examined me around 9pm, I was told I was fully dilated and it was time to push. I had topped up my own epidural a couple of times, so I was quite numb, but very happy to push! About 20 minutes and 7 pushes later, our little baby girl sprung into the world. She was completely perfect and fed within 45 minutes of being born. And she hasn't stopped since!!

I was immediately in love. Because we had picked out the name "Quinn Maria" (this was the inspiration for her first name, and this for her middle name) for Chance if he was a girl, I have had the last 2 years to get used to the name and have looked forward to the possibility that one day I might have a daughter named Quinn. 

I have had "the weepies" a bit more than expected, but my hormones and moods are starting to balance out a bit now, except of course at 5am when my newborn is fast asleep and my toddler is wanting "bekfest". But as I said, we're getting there. 

Week 1

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I have spent a longer-than-usual time in tears in the last week, but if you asked me how things are going with our new baby, I would tell you things are great! Because they are. The tears were due to a combination of hormones - the 4 day blues were quite brutal and lasted a few days - extreme pain from my milk coming in, and exhaustion from dealing with Chanbe's response to Quinn's arrival.

Now, not much can be done about the hormones, so I just went with it and let myself bawl my eyes out for hours on end if I needed it. It was therapeutic. I wasn't crying over anything in particular, and I wasn't actually particularly sad, but I was in pain.

When my milk comes in, my milk. comes. in. (You don't mind me talking about this, do you? Good. :-) ) I had the same problem with feeding Chanbe. My milk came in and it had nowhere to go. It was painful for a couple of days and I got some excellent help and advice from the lactation clinic in Wang, and all was well very quickly. Not so much this time around. My milk came in Sunday night, and it wasn't until yesterday that things started to regulate. By Tuesday night I was fully engorged (yes, that's as bad as it sounds) with a rack that would rival Pamela Anderson. I can't remember the last time I was in that much pain, and I had just given birth a few days before!! That was until Wednesday, which was even worse. All I could do was take pain killers, lie on the couch with ice packs and cry. It was truly painful. The thing is, it's a blessing to have such a great milk supply, so it's not a bad problem to have, except for in those first few days. But with some help from lactation consultants up here, (and the pain killers) I'm feeling much more human now.

And then there's Chanbe. My beautiful boy whose world has been turned upside-down. Not only is he dealing with another house move, moving into his "big boy bed", and being introduced (very very slowly) to the "big boy toilet", he now has to share his Mama and Dadda, as well as his Gran, Grumpy, Ouma and Poppy with this tiny little squirmy baby that can't even play with him. 90% of the time, he is brilliant with her. He loves to give her cuddles, he knows not to touch her when she is feeding, and he knows to be gentle with her. Then there's the rest of the time. The time that all the textbooks warned me of. This, combined with him not wanting to go to sleep without me in his bedroom has made for a tough week.

We have a few strategies in place for when he gets a little, um, shall we say "over excited" with Quinn, but we don't yet have a plan to get his going to sleep habits back in check. But we've done it before, and we'll do it again. In the mean time, we'll be enjoying a lot of this:

And this:

And definitely this:

It's a girl

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quinn Maria was welcomed into the family Friday 1st February at 9:21pm weighing 4.05 kg (8lb15) and 52.5 cm long. She is absolutely gorgeous - she looks very much like Chance did when he was born!
She's feeding really well and Chance is already completely in love with his little sister. Thank you for your thoughts and wishes.