Come fly with me

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There is so much I want to tell you about Chanbe's "big boy bed", but first of all, let me show you:

Oooooooh yeeeaaaahhhhhhh. When Hubs and Uncle Ben told me they wanted to make Chanbe a "big boy bed" 3 days after we arrived in Towsnville, I was skeptically supportive, wondering when it might be finished, and how much of a "big boy" he would be once he actually got in to it. Well, I was proven wonderfully wrong. Just over a week ago, the bed was flown in from the work area, and it has been an absolute hit. Chanbe has slept in it almost every night and day, with a few exceptions, but we are very proud of this milestone.

There are dozens of "in progress" photos that I hope to one day share with you, or better yet, let Hubs (finally) do a guest post about!!

And hopefully we'll have some baby news for you soon. I'm officially 40 weeks now (well, depending on who you ask) so, literally, any day now!

Happy birthday to me!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today is my 30 + gst birthday. Nothing much is really going on - we had a rough night with Chanbe for some reason, so my plans to do more unpacking (no I still haven't finished!!!) have not come to fruition. I am treating myself to daytime air con which I normally don't do at home. It's making sitting on the couch somewhat more comfortable.

I am 38 weeks + 2 days pregnant, so really, any day now something could happen, although after my appointment on Wednesday, and if Chanbe is anything to go by, this baby ain't budging until absolutely necessary. And even though I'm still surrounded by damn boxes that I can't shift, I feel quite settled and at home. We still have a couple of big ticket items to purchase (mainly a dining table and chairs, and a desk for the office) but otherwise we are mainly set. I've done the ooohing and aaahing over the teeny tiny baby clothes and nappies; my hospital bag is packed, I've made extra meals that I've put in the freezer, and I feel ready for this baby.

I actually feel quite zen about the whole thing. Sure, I could focus on the messy house, the incessant itching of my arms possibly caused by cholestasis, the continuous pregnancy-related heartburn that keeps me up at night, my big fat fingers and toes, and the fact that gravity fights me every time I want to stand up, but who wants to hear all that? They are all temporary glitches that will be a thing of the past in a matter if weeks.

Right now, it's all about the air con, breakfast for lunch, ice cold water (the only drink that doesn't give me heartburn) and time with my boys. Happy birthday to me :-)

First Day

Monday, January 14, 2013

Remember this post? Remember this photo?

Here's what 4 and half years of studying medicine will do to a man:

Hubba hubba! The Doctor is IN! Today is Hubs' first day on the job. Well, actually he has a week of orientation first, but this time next week, he will be elbow deep in some kind of surgical rotation. This also means it is my first day of solo parenting in a very long time. I would have taken a photo of myself as well, but it's just too scary! Okay okay, Here's one from the other day: (Excuse the bathroom scene; up until a couple of days ago, it was the only mirror in the house!)

Woah nelly! Ha ha. Anyway, we have had a great day - we headed down to The Strand (fenced-off playground! WOO!!) and met up with one of my friends who lives up here. We haven't seen each other in about 6 years, so it was so lovely to catch up. Then Chanbe went down for a sleep at 1, as did I, and while I only woke up 20 minutes ago, he's still asleep! I can really get behind this sleeping til 4pm thing. It makes the afternoon very enjoyable indeed!

So here we are, back on line, still with boxes to empty, but getting there. It's my birthday on Friday, and Hubs is taking me to some fancy-shmancy Interns dinner. Ah, such a romantic! We also have our dear friends popping in on their way home from Brisbane to Cairns, so I'll have enough to keep me occupied. And Baloo seems like he/she is staying put for now. But what do I know! I hope to resume some type of regular blogging soon, but let's just see how we go :-)

a 7 minute post

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm sitting in a shopping centre, using one of those internet stations. It reminds me of being overseas when I'd pay for a certain amount of time and have a certain number of things to do and the last few minutes would be a frantic rush to get those last few emails etc out.

We turned up to my 37 week antenatal appointment this morning, only to realise that it's actually tomorrow morning. But we already asked my Mum's cousin to baby sit Chance for the day so we could go shopping afterwards, so we thought we might as well take advantage of the child-free time. Well, the outside child-free time. The inside baby is kicking away nicely and sapping all of my energy, but we are all doing well.

We really do love the house. It's exciting to imagine what it will be like once we've finished unpacking. The flat-pack fairies visited for a bit last week and only left 1 set of drawers for us to put together which was nice.

This isn't a very exciting post, sorry. This is Hubs' last week off before he starts full time work. And he won't have holidays again until  the end of July. That is a very long time! But I'm sure it will fly by. I have given Hubs his 10 day heads up of my approaching birthday. I actually had forgotten about it!

Well I have a couple of minutes to go and need to check a few other things so I'll leave it there! Hubs is currently sorting out internet so I'm hoping my next post will be from home and will contain photos!

They were right!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who'da thunk it? All those people, upon hearing about our move to Townsville, who told us that it's hot up here, were right on the money! Incredible! Although it has been over 30 degrees every day, and not much under each night, we've only cranked the aircon twice, to cool Chanbe's room down - a fact that makes me feel just a little self-righteous!

So yes we are here. Chanbe and I flew in last Saturday morning, Hubs and Uncle Benny arrived late Sunday night, and we all rendezvoused at the house Monday morning. After a solid 4 days of working on the kombi, (actually, 2 kombis), the boys took off with the 2 cars on Saturday afternoon, but the kombi only made it to Gympie before it, for want of a better phrase, shat itself. It is a very long, drawn out story that I just can't go in to at the moment, but the bottom line is, it will arrive on the back of a tow truck around the 16th of Jan. And after that? Well, who knows!?

On a brighter note, the house is great - nice and big, enough room for everything, a great cross breeze, good outdoor areas, and a nice kitchen. The only downsides are that it doesn't have a bath or a dishwasher. But we have decided the dishwasher can live in the laundry which is just off the kitchen. (Hubs' response to that: "honey, you don't have to live in the laundry!" Har har.)

We are in flat-pack avoidance at the moment - there are 5 things to put together and we're all just hoping the flat-pack fairy visits one night this week. As well as the unpack fairy. Oh, and the "better get ready to have a baby" fairy. And a meal preparation fairy would be welcomed too...

So in short, all is well. It's hot, there is a lot of unpacking to do, and I'm not exactly full of energy, but somewhere deep down, somehow, I know it will all work out - it always does :-)