Popping the corn

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Hubs and I have been eating a bit of pop corn lately - it's a cheap and tasty snack that's SUPER easy to make!... or so I thought... Here's what happened:

Wifey: "I'm off to see my friend now. Be back in a few hours"
Hubs: "Can you please make some pop corn before you go so Dr Luke and I can eat it while watching (insert boy movie here)?"
Wifey: "Honey, I have to go. It's really easy to make. Just heat up the oil, put half a cup of corn in, put the lid on, and turn it off when it stops popping."
Hubs: "Okaaaay"

An hour later

Ring ring
Wifey: "Hey Hubs"
Hubs: "Oh yeah. Cooking pop corn is soooooooooo easy. How come I have a kitchen full of smoke and a saucepan full of black corn? See what happens when you leave me alone to fend for myself????"
Wifey: (trying to stop laughter)

This is what greeted me on my return: (our new pots!!)

And it took a few days for the burnt pop corn smell to leave the house!!! The moral of the story? Never assume that a super-intelligent man who is completing his PhD in electrical engineering, as WELL as studying medicine, can cook pop corn.

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