Don't Worry, Be Happy

Friday, August 21, 2009

I've been doing a bit of skipping lately - of the exercise variety, rather than as a way of getting from A to B - and really enjoy skipping to music. I have found, however, that most songs are too fast or too slow to skip in time to, and when I want to do 250 skips at a time, it's hard to keep count if it's not in time to the music.

The BEST song with the most suitable skipping-tempo that I have found is "Don't Worry, Be Happy". It's perfect! Not too fast, not too slow, AND it's easy to count the number of skips I do in groups of 8.

So can anyone find a song with the same tempo as this?


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    SNAP! I've been thinking about skipping a lot lately too...Will loves it when i jump along with him in the Jolly Jumper (think baby bungee jump). Where do you think is the best (read: cheapest) place to buy a rope from?


    I think I bought mine from AMart Allsports or KMart (or equivalent) and I certainly wouldn't have paid over $10 for it. I've had it for a few years though, so maybe skipping is trendy again (like in the 90s) so "jump" on board! Ha!


    Love it! So it turns out this song is about 135-140 bpm (beats per minute).... sooooo me thinking if you can get hold of a list of toons at a similar bpm you might be onto a winner!
    I found a few online but they all seem to be lists you have to buy... there's bound to be a freebie somewhere though!


    I knew I could count on you Kel! I'll take a look and see if I can get my hands on some!


    Unrelated, but speaking of Don't worry be happy, Bobby McFerrin is a legend!

    Check out this clip, I'm sure hubby will love it if he hasn't seen it yet.


    Oh my gosh that's SO COOL!!!!!